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Thomas Built Buses

Thomas Built Buses – the company which from the first days of the existence and still is engaged in production of children's school buses, long-distance buses and even buses to order. Today the enterprise is branch of the German automobile corporation Daimler AG.

Pearlie Thomas – the famous American industrialist and the businessman, the mechanic by profession. The native of Canada, he began the acquaintance to trams, working at branch of the producer of J. G. Brill and Company trams in Cleveland, Ohio. After Pearlie moved to the USA to the small town of High Point in the State of North Carolina where worked as the chief engineer at Southern Street Car is there was an enterprise specializing on production of trams.

In 1916 he was dismissed in connection with the developed economic situation at the time of the end of World War I, and signed the contract for repair of trams with Southern Public Utilities Company. And in the next years Thomas organizes the Perley A company. Thomas Car Works which became known already thanks to production of trams. Trams of the company of Thomas won great popularity in the USA and were actively used in many large cities of the country (Detroit, Michigan, New York, Miami, Florida, San Juan, Puerto Rico).

In the 30th years of the XX century in the USA trams on roads began to replace the buses gaining popularity among the population. Thomas couldn't but turn on this attention and besides, orders for construction new and repair of old trams began to fall. In 1936 its company passed to production of buses. In the first year the firm made 200 wooden school buses for Northern Carolina. It laid the foundation of long tradition which is observed in staff and today.

Design and design of school buses from the Perley A company. Thomas Car Works became revolutionary. Before the majority of school buses in the USA represented the wooden box on wheels which doesn't have absolutely any security aids. However then, in 1936, the situation changed.

In 1938 the company presented the first school bus made of steel. In 1939 Frank Sir famous as "The father of the yellow school bus", established 44 obligatory standards, including – yellow color for school buses across all territory of the USA. Perley A company. Thomas Car Work after World War II became the leader in the branch. Since 1980 the company appeared one of six largest campaigns for production of school buses in the American market.

In 1972 the company from Perley A. Thomas Car Works turns into Thomas Built Buses, Inc. In 1978 the first model of the chassis made at Thomas Built Buses plant though earlier the company bought the chassis from other producers was issued (Ford, Dodge, GMC, International Harvester, Volvo). The Saf-T-Liner bus which became classical which found great popularity was the same year released and was used as the school bus, and also as the bus for private use.

In 1980 the company presented the Thomas Minotour bus (Type A school bus) on the chassis standard, but with smaller dimensions. This bus is still used in the USA in various variations. Its capacity makes to 30 passengers.

At the end of the XX century the company was one of three leading producers of big school buses, and was acquired by Freightliner Group firm which is included into Daimler AG.

In 1996 the Thomas Built Buses company released the FS-65 bus which was issued with various options of engines. Original power units were developed by the Caterpillar and Cummins companies. Later the Mercedes-Benz company offered own option of the engine. The bus of the FS-65 model was widely used in the United States. The last such bus was made on December 13, 2006 by request of O'Brien Bus Service, Inc., State of Maryland.

Thomas who died in 1958, in 2004 was honored to become one of the top officials who got to North Carolina Transportation Hall of Fame (Slava Transport's hall in Northern Carolina) which is in Roly's city.

In 2009 the Thomas Built Buses enterprise released absolutely new bus of A type, being guided by market requirements. The bus received the name MyBus. This vehicle was created on the basis of the GM chassis.

The Thomas Built Buses company actively works on decrease in consumption of fuel and emission of exhaust gases. Release of the bus under the name Saf-T-Liner C2 became result of this work. Advantages of this model consist in profitability and longer term of operation in comparison with regular buses with diesel engines.

Passed nearly hundred years from the date of foundation of the Thomas Built Buses company, and it is absolutely considerable term. For so long period of time the company constantly developed and achieved the increasing progress. She became one of leaders in production of buses in the United States of America. Buses of the Thomas Built Buses company are in huge demand in all North America as the firm recommended the production as modern, high-quality and checked by time.

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