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Baoding Tianma Automobile Co carmaker., Ltd. it was organized not so long ago - in 2002. Its basis was formed by already existing military enterprise in the city of Baoding (China, the Province of Hebei). The military equipment was the predecessor of the modern well equipped car of the Tianma brand, certainly. After reorganization of the military enterprise and transfer to its local authority, the company received the modern name, namely – Baoding Tianma Automobile Co., Ltd. Form of ownership of the company was transformed to limited liability company according to the law existing in the country.

Irreversible process of modernization, updating and improvement of capacities of plant began. In 2004 level of production made six thousand cars a year. The competent policy pursued by specialists of the company led to promoting of the automobile Tianma brand in China.

On July 8, 2005 the National Bureau of the Industry and trade approved creation of group of companies on the basis of the above-mentioned company. Thus, the group received the name Tianma Automobile Group Co., Ltd., which part were: Tianma Automobile Sales Co., Ltd., Tianma Automobile Group Special Truck Co., Ltd, Tianma Technology Development Co., Ltd., Huaxin Material Co., Ltd. and Baoding Tianma Transportation Co., Ltd. Each division carried out the certain function and was an integral part of corporation.

Tianma Automobile Group Co., Ltd. I settled down in the territory about 30 thousand square meters. The staff of corporation made more than one thousand workers. From them - 120 high-class technical specialists who are constantly improving the professional skills and knowledge.

From the moment of foundation of Tianma Automobile Group Co group., Ltd. the corporation started developing more promptly: the model range of cars was significantly updated, all new technologies actively took root, quality of production that provoked profit markup was improved.

For the adaptation to more severe conditions in the market of producers of cars, experts of Tianma continued studying of consumer inquiries, and also policy of the rival companies. The special attention was paid to safety of drivers and passengers, profitability in fuel consumption, minimization of emissions in environment.

In a model range of the company are widely presented: SUVs (SUV), pickups on two or four places (PICKUP), minibuses (MINI BUS) and cargo heavy trucks (HEAVY TRUCK SERIES). All models are completed taking into account modern consumer inquiries. Cars are equipped both petrol, and engines on diesel fuel. Petrol – of 2,2 liters, diesel – 2,7-liter units. In each new model new options were finished or added, car components are improved.

The name of the company was elected by the producer not incidentally. In translation it designates "the flying horse". And a horse, as we know, – a symbol of force, speed and big endurance. An aforesaid consequence – the Tianma Century pickup which is analog of the known Isuzu DMax model of 2002, the happy owners and admirers is nicknamed by Pegasus. This model of the pickup appeared in Europe in 2004 and showed the worthy resistance to expensive European and Japanese SUVs and pickups, thanks to low price at rather high workmanship. Tianma Century received two types of engines: 2,4-and 2,7-liter which power made 94 and 125 horsepowers respectively.

Having studied inquiries of the consumer, the corporation came to three levels of comfort of the cars. It is the standard (Standard Type), luxury (Luxury Type) and super luxury (Super Luxury Type).

Since 2005 cars of the Tianma brand started being on sale actively in many countries of Europe. Motorists with advantage estimated high-quality cars at rather low price. The model range of the company is presented by three groups of a car and at the moment. These are the off-road Fengchi cars equipped with diesel and petrol units depending on modification, Yingxiong (Hero) created on the basis of Kia Sorento. Pickups designated as Fengling, Chenglong, Fengyi, and minibuses – Haise, Prison Van Lengthened Haise.

All design development of the company is connected among themselves. So Tianma Fengchi became a basis for production of the Century pickup. The SUV which appeared at the beginning of history of the company, was equipped with the 116 standard then 2,4-liter motor of "horses". I didn't depart from the traditions of digging, but quickly enough I modernized all models, every year offering more and more comfortable cars.

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