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In 1992 in China the new enterprise Hebei Zhongxing which adjusted release of cars that is called under one roof was founded. The authorized capital of the company at that time totaled more than 30 million US dollars that was quite high for the automobile company of such scale. For many years of release of cars the company adjusted some cycles of production that considerably reduced internal costs of production of cars.

Cycles included: welding, forming, assembly and painting. They made process of production of a car economic and accelerated. At plant of this enterprise more than two thousand people worked, and on fifteen conveyors of seven kilometers assembly process was completely automated. The highly skilled personnel specially had training and was selected for work at the Hebei Zhongxing enterprise.

It should be noted that the company released throughout all the existence class cars the pickup which differed in reliability and ergonomics, and also conformed to all necessary environmental standards. Production of plant carried the name Zhongxing Pickup Automobile.

The latest design offers, and also simplicity in use and possibility of broad application practically in any sphere and branch were distinctive feature of the Chinese cars from the European standard, and, especially, from the American technologies.

Until recently the company was on one of the leading positions among automobile producers of China and had quite wide model range. Production of the Zhongxing Pickup Automobile company was on sale to a set of the countries of Europe and the Middle East that testified to ample opportunities and the adjusted sales markets of automobile production. Among the most popular models of this company such cars as Tianye Admiral and Tianye Banner were noted.

Tianye Banner represented fine model of the pickup which started being issued since 2003. This model had category of a body of BQ and a mechanical transmission. The forward suspension bracket was independent, the torsion with the special telescopic shock-absorber. The same shock-absorber was put and on a back suspension bracket that provided good balance of the car. The engine had a capacity of 102 horsepowers, and the torque reached a point in 193 N*m. Electronic injection of fuel did its giving more effective and economic. The volume of a tank of Tianye Banner made 60 liters, and the full equipped weight – 2205 kilograms. It allowed to use this model of the car even in the cargo transport purposes. Though, to be fair, it was worth mentioning and rather small dimensions of this car which seemed essential advantage.

The Tianye Admiral car which was widely adopted among the European automobile fans became one more popular work of "the Chinese art" of the Zhongxing Pickup Automobile company. This pickup perfectly was suitable for departure to the country. The car was thought over to trifles to what its design delicacy testified even. The design of the car was extremely simple, and at the same time was checked by time, therefore developers not of steel "anew to invent the bicycle".

The design of this nice car consisted of a frame, a forward independent suspension bracket, the constant drive of back wheels, the back bridge on springs, and also included a standard complete set of plant of the producer. The internal design in comparison with predecessors, of course, pumped up a little though if the car only for work, it, in principle, and not important was got. Reliability of the Tianye Admiral car spoke for itself from the very beginning. This pickup on the road behaved rather quietly, and its reputation wasn't exposed to doubts. However the complete set of the car was very mediocre.

Maintenance of this model never was expensive business, but happened that repair was required to be carried out through each seven thousand kilometers of run. This model wasn't suitable for operation and in quite frigid climatic zones. The Tianye Admiral car was exported by the Chinese producers to the countries of Latin America, the Middle East, and also to the Russian Federation. However the most demanded it, certainly, became in domestic market of China.

The 102 horsepowers engine created a torque in 193 N*m and 2 600 revolutions per minute. The forward suspension bracket was executed independent, the torsion with the telescopic shock-absorber which very long time could be in operation. The admissible full mass of the car reached 2 075 kilograms, and the volume of a fuel tank – 60 liters.

Today the Hebei Zhongxing enterprise releasing cars under a brand Tianye is one of the most perspective auto makers of China who already now, despite so young "age" of the company, exports the production to tens countries of the world. According to forecasts of experts, even crisis won't prevent this carmaker already some years later to come to the first positions on level of production and sales in all Asia.

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