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The Tofas company possessing rich history was founded in 1968, and until recently functioned independently. However over time it was redeemed partially by Fiat and Koc Holding concerns.

The headquarters of the company is located in the city of Istanbul. The Italian company Fiat which arranged here the production transferred those models of cars which didn't interest Italians any more to development of Tofas. For example, on a platform of the Italian models a large number of such Turkish models as Palio, Strada, Siena was constructed and collected. Turkish producers not really also read the cars though they were exported to many countries of Europe. These cars had high quality for middle class.

Tofas cars didn't differ in special comfort and the first-class design. But they were one of the first in the history of automotive industry of Turkey. These cars, are quite pleasant externally, didn't differ in special technical characteristics. Export of Tofas cars was carried out to the countries of Asia and Africa, and also to the United States of America where they enjoyed popularity as inexpensive and sound cars.

It was necessary to specify about standards of safety for passengers who were strictly observed in all brands of Tofas cars. The set of copies of the car which descended from the conveyor of this producer were equipped with a special regular complete set, thus all main environmental standards were respected. Were among the most popular Turkish cars of the Tofas brand: Tofas 131, Tofas Albea, Tofas Bravo, Tofas Siena, Tofas UNO.

Tofas 131 was generally recognized in far 1985 when the company adjusted mass release of this model. In 1995 the mass production of a car stopped. However in 10 years the car managed to be pleasant to motorists in all Europe. This 5-door car possessed with an equipped weight of 1410 kilograms and could contain in the salon of 5 people. Engine displacement was equal 1500 cubic see, and the system ate from the carburetor. Engine capacity reached 75 horsepowers, and the maximum speed – 150 km/h. In general, the car for the time possessed good technical characteristics and as it was mentioned above, held on in the market of 10 years.

Tofas Albea had rather elegant appearance and was for the first time started in a mass production in 2003. This car possessed fine technical characteristics, and also met all necessary standards of safety and environmental standards. The equipped mass of the Tofas Albea car equaled only 1015 kg that did it extremely easy and mobile on the road. Thanks to a good suspension bracket the car had excellent coupling with a paving.

Engine capacity of this car reached 60 horsepowers, and the torque was equal 102 N*m. The fuel supply system used distributive injection that allowed to spend it economically. Fuel consumption on 100 kilometers on the highway made only 6 liters. The maximum speed of the car could reach 150 kilometers per hour. The suspension bracket was executed in the form of a depreciation rack, and back included special draft and the connecting levers. Inside the car differed in good design and ergonomics.

The Tofas UNO car started being issued the Turkish auto maker in 1997. Production in 2002 came to the end. This car also deserved special attention and caused a stir in the European and Asian markets. The car in a body a hatchback perfectly was suitable for family trips to the country and for travel. At the engine capacity of 73 horsepowers, it could gather speed in 170 kilometers per hour. Tofas UNO was rather easy. The car weighed only 820 kilograms with the full equipped weight. The set of innovations, in comparison with his predecessors was included in the regular package of the car. The power steering considerably facilitated driving that gave pleasure from a driving. Forward and back suspension brackets were executed with use of a screw spring which assumed all roughnesses of roads and most reliably provided coupling with a paving.

In general, cars of the Turkish production Tofas perfectly are suitable for who has financial difficulties. However to call development of the producer low-quality language doesn't turn at all. The company regularly introduces new technologies in the automobile production. The only thing with what the management of the company – export of cars as they remained noncompetitive rather European and Japanese cars which captivated domestic markets of the majority of the developed countries of the world couldn't cope at the moment.

Tofas Ahin Tofas Ahin
Tofas All Tofas All
Tofas Doan Tofas Doan
Tofas Doan L Tofas Doan L
Tofas Dogan Tofas Dogan
Tofas Dogan Slx 16 Ie Tofas Dogan Slx 16 Ie
Tofas Kartal Tofas Kartal
Tofas Murat 124 Tofas Murat 124
Tofas Murat 131 Tofas Murat 131
Tofas Murat 131 Dogan Tofas Murat 131 Dogan
Tofas Murat 131 Kartal Tofas Murat 131 Kartal
Tofas Sahin Tofas Sahin
Tofas Serce Tofas Serce
Tofas Sere Tofas Sere
Tofas Tempra Tofas Tempra
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