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The Tomos company was founded in 1954 by group of industrialists of Slovenia. After World War II they began searches for possibility of development of the motorcycle industry in the territory of the Karst, the mountainous area in the western part of the state. Despite all problems and obstacles, production of two-wheeled vehicles it was founded in July, 1954. Founders of plant in the city of Sezhana signed the contract on creation of the motorcycle enterprise. Next month the name Tomos (in the original of TOvarna MOtornih koles Sechana – the Motorcycle company of Sezhana) for the first time began to appear in official documents of the company.

At the end of 1954 cities all formalities in negotiations with the government of the country were complete, and construction of plant in the city the Poppet – the coastal industrial center of Slovenia where it remains till today began.

Frank Pekar who signed the license agreement with the Austrian company Steyr-Daimler-Puch that was in advance stipulated in the business plan of the company became the first CEO of plant. The economic and reliable motorcycles made in Austria perfectly were suitable for roads with a gravel covering and a mountainous terrain which was present at this region.

The Puch company offered such favorable conditions for the agreement as considered that the Slovenian plant will never be able independently to be engaged in production. Temporary rooms for creation of motorcycles were created in 1954, and the construction of plant begun right after signing of papers about Tomos institution proceeded till 1959. At opening of plant there was a then president of Yugoslavia – Iosif Broz Tito.

TOMOS Puch SG 250 became the first motorcycle of the company. In 1955 137 such bikes, and also 125 scooters and more than one hundred mopeds were created. Next year of mopeds it was collected already even more, than scooters and motorcycles – 1712 units. Along with production of equipment according to the license, specialists of the Tomos company were occupied with creation of own series of two-wheeled transport.

The foundation of own production was laid in the late fifties when a large number of mopeds of the Puch MS 50 model was let out under the name Colibri. These mopeds were delivered and on the foreign markets. By the end of 1959 17 thousand copies of this moped were let out already, and the contract for large export deliveries to Sweden was signed. Among all Colibri series of the most successful there was a model 12 for the first time presented to general public in 1961. Practically at once it became the most popular moped in all Slovenia.

In the early sixties researches of the market showed that on all Europe interest in heavy motorcycles vanished therefore the Tomos company sought to be arranged under needs of the market. For ensuring systematic and organized development in 1962 the Institute on technical and economic researches which in a consequence turned into the modern and well equipped Tomos institute was created.

The 1960th years were the most productive period in the history of the Slovenian company. In 1960 the Netherlands became an important foreign market. It confirms that fact that the Netherlands – the only country, except Slovenia where the Tomos plant is located. This plant was engaged in release of two-wheeled transport, and also research and development of new technologies, on today's put remaining in the Dutch market.

The automatic conveyor was in the early seventies created. The necessity of it was caused by the growing popularity in relation to production Tomos and high cost of the components made abroad.

Began productions of the A1 model which was based on base of the previous models, but I had an advanced transmission. A3 which was made since 1973 when the new automatic transfer line for welding of a frame was created became the successor of this motorcycle. New frames of Tomos significantly differed from Puch frames made according to the license. Since 1970 the standard of living considerably increased in the country, and with it also the number of young buyers increased. Especially popular were A-OS, A-ON and APN series. The last, by the way, was in special demand among youth because the Tomos company began to make special models with the raised wheel and a seat, with existence of a back, lateral bag and with chromium plating.

After 1973 all motorcycles and mopeds of Tomos were equipped with engines of Slovenian production. In the same time the bike of the Colibri 15 model with the powerful engine which could compete even with some motorcycles was developed.

In 1960th and 1970th activity of the Tomos company reached the production and design peak. And in 1979-1980 the enterprise faced increase of environmental standards therefore the company had to modernize the equipment for the sake of noise reduction and reduction of amount of harmful exhaust gases. Also a lot of things became for increase of comfort of the driver and giving to new models of modern design.

The debut of the Tomos company in the USA took place in 1976 with the excessive help of local distributors. The market reached the peak in 1979 when petrol prices rose because of reform of OPEC, and consumers reflected on more economic means of transport. Here also mopeds which spent gasoline gallon for more than 100 miles caught sight. All model range of two-wheeled Tomos vehicles was updated in 1980. The APN 6 scooter which appeared in the market in 1981 became the first product of a new series. In 1985 the Tomos company presented new generation of the BT50 motorcycles with cast rims and blinkers. On the basis of this model the off-road ATX50 motorcycle was created later.

At the beginning of 1991 the Republic Yugoslavia broke up to the certain states. Slovenia, thanks to the close connections with Italy and Austria, became the first state which gained independence. Disintegration of the country caused new problems in affairs of the Tomos company. In 1998 the enterprise was acquired by the large private company Hidria. However this measure it was successful and very favorable to the company of the Poppet.

In the 1990th years the Sprint, Targa and Targa LX models were let out, and two renamed the last into TOMOS ST and TOMOS LX later. The new engine which left during the same period received the A35 index.

Development of the market in the territory of the USA was begun in 2000 when the office of the company in North America – TOMOS USA was created. The office and a warehouse occupied in total the space to equal 24 thousand square foots. It was the first case in the history when the plant from Europe began to operate in the territory of the USA.

And in Europe the Tomos company was adjusted on cooperation with the advanced brands. So, for example, the contract with BMW carmaker for production of some component parts of the German cars was signed.

In 2004 Slovenia became the member of the European Union. This step of the state importance allowed Tomos firm to get further stable profit, and also to find own trade market in collective European trade system.

During this time such models as MC Off-Road Line, Revival, Streetmate and Arrow were presented. In addition to new models in 2006 also the updated A55 engine which after toughening by EPA of requirements to equipment was installed on all motorcycles in 2007 was released. In 2008 motorcycles and mopeds of Tomos continued to surpass the ERA standards and fulfilled all necessary requirements.

Next year modernization of plant in the Poppet for the purpose of satisfaction of the growing requirements of the market proceeded. And today, in 2010, the enterprise founded in 1954 continues to develop actively, making everything new models and covering everything new territories of sale of own production.

Tomos 4l Tomos 4l
Tomos A3 Tomos A3
Tomos Apn 4 Tomos Apn 4
Tomos Colibri T 12 Tomos Colibri T 12
Tomos Cross 50 Junior Tomos Cross 50 Junior
Tomos Sprint Tomos Sprint
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