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Toyota which is based in the Japanese city automobile building corporation Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the world's largest enterprises which work is carried out on a commercial basis. Making about 10 million cars a year, the company which is a part of Toyota industrial group possesses the staff of highly qualified specialists which professionalism allows to increase the rates of production, selling thus to 98% of production which is let out for the reporting period.

The history of the company so successful presently began at the end of the XIX century when Sakichi Toyoda invented the weaving loom of new generation. Over time Sakichi involved in commercial activity and the son ľ Kiichiro. The weaver's empire of Toyoda existed till 30th years of the XX century. Then, during the visit to Europe, Kiichiro sold the patent for the automatic transfer weaver's line invented by his father, the British company Platt Brothers for 100 000 pounds sterling.

This sum quite was enough for it in order that in 1937 to found the Toyota Motor Corporation company which had to concentrate on production of cars of which Kiichiro Toyoda so was fond. Though by then the experts employed by the businessman already conducted active works on creation of automobile engines. So in 1935 the power unit of A type was installed by cars which models received the A1 indexes (sedan) and G1 (lorry). And in a year after the basis of Toyota Motor Corporation the plant in the Japanese city of Hodosh was open.

Prompt development of the Toyota carmaker, despite world financial crisis, began after the end of World War II. In 1947 the Toyota SA model which emergence was promoted by development less rating to Toyota AA was let out. However a difficult financial position I affected activity of firm therefore restructuring was carried out and there was a Toyota Motor Sales subsidiary which was engaged in product sales. Besides, Kiichiro Toyoda resigned from himself presidential authority and went on the deserved vacation.

The beginning of the following stage of development of corporation coincided with death of her founder who died in 1952, without having already almost any relation to activity of the company. Then the numerous researches which soon allowed Toyota to enter the new markets began. Besides, in the territory of the USA the subsidiary which was engaged in realization of finished goods was founded and also there were essential changes of the model range offered buyers. In particular the legendary Land Cruiser SUV which first carried the name Toyota BJ was published.

Two years later active production of the Toyota Crown model began, and in 1957 these cars were for the first time exported to the United States of America. Next year the Toyota Corona car which received the mass of positive comments and became in the mid-sixties of the XX century the real hit in the USA was presented to the public. However by that moment the new plant of corporation located in the city of Monomachi already functioned.

After an exit from the conveyor of the million car of the Toyota brand in 1962, rates of production increased many times over. In 1967 the corporation got the Daihatsu company specializing on production of midget cars, SUVs, minivans and cargo cars. The same year the Japanese firm Hino Motors which is engaged in production of trucks and buses was a part of Toyota Motor Corporation.

In the 60th years the company presented to the public and began release of such models as Publica, Corolla, Cressida and Celica which part still is in demand (certainly, already in modern configuration). And in 1972 the management of corporation declared an exit of already 10-million car from the conveyor.

In general in the 1970th Toyota concentrated on increase in the capacities. Some plants which promoted increase in outputs were constructed. However and the company didn't forget about new models. By improvement of already existing cars and insignificant change of their design such development as Sprinter was presented, to Tercel, by Starlet, Mark II and Carina. Also other models were published, but they didn't find sufficient popularity.

Foundation of the Lexus subsidiary making cars for the American buyer became the main event of the 80th years of the XX century in the history of Toyota corporation. However before there was still the whole chain of the events reflected in activity of the company. First of all, it should be noted foundation of institute of technology in 1981, reorganization of the company in 1982, presentation of the Toyota Camry model in 1983, the beginning of coproduction of cars in the USA with General Motors corporation in 1984, and also release of a 50-million car in 1986.

Foundation of the American office of the company happened in 1988, and next year the Lexus LS400 and Lexus ES250 models were published. Besides, we unfairly forgot the new models of Toyota presented in the late eighties of the XX century: Corsa, Corolla II and Toyota 4 Runner. By that moment the Japanese corporation came nearer to leaders among carmakers, however, was still a position, far from that, which it occupies today.

In 1990 the design center of concern under the name Tokyo Design Center was open. Besides, the beginning of the 90th was marked also by foundation of other firms, participation in which activity accepted Toyota. Among them joint projects with such companies as Fujitsu, IBM Japan, Toshiba. Besides, in the same 1990 15-million Corolla descended from the conveyor, and the model range of corporation was filled up by Previa. Toyotas Celica, and also Toyota Prius were recognized as other "loud" novelties of the 90th.

By the way, Toyota Prius which is let out in 1997 became the first Japanese car equipped with the hybrid engine. Today active work on its modernization is conducted. And in the late nineties, after local success of the electric car, hybrid power units were installed on the Toyota Coaster and Toyota RAV4 model. By the way, in 2000 the new generation of the RAV4 SUV was presented, and in a year debuted in the market and Land Cruiser 100 before.

However the success of the 90th wasn't limited to it. In already mentioned 1997 the Raum model in a body a minivan was presented, a year later debuted popular Toyota Avensis now, and in 1999 ľ Toyota Yaris minicar. Besides, in 1999 Toyota noted a descent from the conveyor of the 100-million car in the history of the company.

The beginning of a new eyelid positively affected activity of corporation. In 2002 the Toyota team debuted in royal races of the class Formula One, and already later some seasons it could be among real applicants for test points and even a podium. Besides, since 2007 Toyota started delivering the engines for the Williams team.

Today active work on numerous conceptual cars, including, over electric cars is conducted. So actively pass tests of the Toyota Plug-in HV model based on the Li-on accumulator, and in 2010 the corporation plans to let out a hybrid minivan of Toyota Sienna. The sports FT-HS car, Fine-N minivan, tiny Hi-CT, and also many other cars belong to number of the conceptual models released Toyota by this moment. But developers and didn't forget about ordinary models. So in 2007 Toyota Auris created on a Corolla model platform debuted, and Land Cruiser 100 succeeded the Land Cruiser 200 car.

Several years before, in 2003, based the Scion brand which is also belonging to Toyota Motor Corporation corporation, engaged in production and sale of "youth" cars in the American market. Today the model range of Scion is made by hatchbacks of the first and second generation of xA and xB, and also a compartment of tC.

In 2007 Toyota for the first time I came out on top on outputs and by number of car sales around the world. Today for the benefit of the company nearly 300 000 people work, and the annual profit of corporation in 2007 made more than 12 billion dollars.

Toyota 1000 Toyota 1000
Toyota 1000 Corona Corolla Toyota 1000 Corona Corolla
Toyota 1000 Special Toyota 1000 Special
Toyota 1600 Toyota 1600
Toyota 1600 Gt Toyota 1600 Gt
Toyota 2000 Gt Toyota 2000 Gt
Toyota 2000 Mark Ii Coupe Toyota 2000 Mark Ii Coupe
Toyota 2fq 15l Toyota 2fq 15l
Toyota 4 Runner Toyota 4 Runner
Toyota 4 Runner Limited Toyota 4 Runner Limited
Toyota 4 Runner Special Edition Toyota 4 Runner Special Edition
Toyota 4 Runner Sport Edition Toyota 4 Runner Sport Edition
Toyota 4 Runner Sr5 Toyota 4 Runner Sr5
Toyota 40 2fg35 Toyota 40 2fg35
Toyota 40 3fg15 Toyota 40 3fg15
Toyota 42 6fgcu25 Toyota 42 6fgcu25
Toyota 42 7fgf25 Toyota 42 7fgf25
Toyota 4runner 30 Turbo D Toyota 4runner 30 Turbo D
Toyota 4runner 30 Turbod Toyota 4runner 30 Turbod
Toyota 4runner 34 Toyota 4runner 34
Toyota 4runner 40 Sr5 Toyota 4runner 40 Sr5
Toyota 4runner Dr5 Toyota 4runner Dr5
Toyota 4runner Limited 4wd Toyota 4runner Limited 4wd
Toyota 4runner Sr5 4wd Toyota 4runner Sr5 4wd
Toyota 4runner Sr5 V6 Toyota 4runner Sr5 V6
Toyota 4runner Ssr X Surf Toyota 4runner Ssr X Surf
Toyota 4runner Trd Toyota 4runner Trd
Toyota 4runner V6 Limited Toyota 4runner V6 Limited
Toyota 4wd Toyota 4wd
Toyota 5fbe 18 Toyota 5fbe 18
Toyota 5fg 15 Toyota 5fg 15
Toyota 5fg 25 Toyota 5fg 25
Toyota 6fd 70 Toyota 6fd 70
Toyota 7 Toyota 7
Toyota 7fb 15 Toyota 7fb 15
Toyota 7fd 10 Toyota 7fd 10
Toyota 7fd 50 Toyota 7fd 50
Toyota 7fdjf 35 Toyota 7fdjf 35
Toyota 7fg 15 Toyota 7fg 15
Toyota 7fgf 18 Toyota 7fgf 18
Toyota 90 C V Toyota 90 C V
Toyota Ae71 Corolla Toyota Ae71 Corolla
Toyota Allex Toyota Allex
Toyota Allex Xs150 Toyota Allex Xs150
Toyota Allion Toyota Allion
Toyota Allion Sport A18 Toyota Allion Sport A18
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