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Hosep Rubau, having ended Royal College of Art in 1997 and having worked some time in the Volkswagen company, I lit up idea of creation of the extraordinary supercar which harmoniously would combine spirit of sports cars of the last century and the latest technologies in mechanical engineering. The thought arose far not incidentally, after all Hosep many times had to hear complaints of familiar collectors motorists. All of them were brought together to that modern cars lost the identity and charm inherent in them long ago, and new options of design became only attempts to please public opinion.

Soon Hosep Rubau made the decision on creation of own automobile company. He could rally a friendly staff of experts-enthusiasts who supported at once his idea. So on the northeast coast of Spain in a quiet place Costa-is gallant appeared the autocompany which received the name Tramontana. Soon also laborious works on creation of the exclusive car began. The main responsibility laid down on the founder of the company, her chief designer Pete Giri, the engineer Jordi Balthasar, and also the specialist in bodies – Xavi Lopez.

The unique sport car presented in 2005 on a motor show in Geneva called in honor of the Tramontana manufacturing company was a result of all works. The car turned out really extraordinary. It is associated along with legendary "Batmobile" and a concept of Plymouth Prowler, having something in common with H6C Tulipwood Torpedo created last century. The special attention was deserved by a body with huge air inlets and landing like tandem which casts memories both of race cars of Formula One of the 60th years, and of fuselages of fighter aircrafts of the 40th, and is made of carbon fabrics and aviation aluminum.

As participated in creation of the supercar not only the well-known automobile engineers, but also aviation, it turned out almost absolutely safe for the driver and the passenger. It is worth noticing that except own experts about hundred various institutes and the autocompanies were involved in development of the car. The central part protected by eight power absorbing zones made of carbon fiber most reducing pernicious overloads at accident became a result. At the same time such approach allowed to reduce the gross weight of the car.

Tramontana on dimensions doesn't differ from other sport cars. Its length makes 4,9 meters, width – 2, and height - 1,2 m. Thus the car weighs much less than the analogs - only 950 kg. Under a cowl there is the latest V-shaped 12-cylinder engine with two turbocompressors developing about 700 horsepowers. The machine easily accelerates from a place to 100 km/h in 4 seconds, and its maximum speed makes about 260 km/h.

Tramontana became the most magnificent supercar. In salon there is no element from plastic – around only the quality leather manufactured manually the tree processed on ancient Japanese technology, and also expensive metal, and finishing of a body was executed by white gold that made this car precious. Even all levers of suspension brackets were issued by leather covers, than units among elite cars could brag. It is worth carrying to advantages also that fact that high-quality study of each detail was behind the shouting registration.

Tramontana always aspired to an exclusivity and uniqueness. The individual approach to each client and production of the car for the specific person taking into account his taste and requirements became the basic rule for developers of cars. The customer can get two - or the single sport car executed in the opened or closed modification, thus aerodynamics is adjusted to the owner. Concerning a decor, here also everything depends on a flight of fancy, after all the company offers a wide choice of materials. However producers adhered to the general concept of production and appearance.

The cost of the Tramontana supercar causes serious interest in collectors, after all it makes 610 000 euros for a copy that at once the circle of potential buyers significantly reduces.

In 2007 only 3 cars were released, however, plans increased to the level of the Napoleonic. Besides, representatives of the company assured that didn't release any identical car. Therefore the owner of such supercar had no chance to see the same car on the road. Thus, Tramontana offered the only model which was initially intended for judges and collectors, but caused brisk interest in the public.

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