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The Triumph company was founded by the German industrialists who moved to England at the end of the XIX century. The first in Coventry moved from Nyurnburga Bettman in 1883. One year later it founded the company which began to be engaged in resale of the German sewing machines and bicycles which were on sale under the Bettman trademark.

In 1887 the company was renamed into New Triumph Co. Ltd. And already soon the enterprise changed the name again – now for Triumph Cycle Co. Ltd. Englishman Danlop who is known that invented pneumatic tires was the main sponsor of Bettman those years. The truth is considered that the first inventor of such tires is mister Thompson, but Danlop began the first to earn on it. The same year the German engineer Moritts Shulte appeared the co-owner of the company. He convinced Bettman of need to make own production. In 1888 they acquired small factory at which bicycles began to be issued.

In 1895 partners for the first time reflected on production of motorcycles. Shulte brought the first prototype of such car made by Hildebrand and Wolfmuller from Germany. But the company refused this idea because of the restrictions imposed by English laws on the speed of movement of self-propelled vehicles. These restrictions were softened only in 1902 when Shulte designed the first motorcycle. He received the name No. 1, was equipped with generally bicycle details and the Belgian Minerva engine with a power of 2 h.p.

In 1903 the company entered the international market. The office in Germany was open, and delivery of engines was assumed by the JAP firm founded by James Prestvich.

In 1905 Triumph released the motorcycle first completely. It had a capacity in 3 "horses" and gathered the maximum speed in 70 km/h. Annual release reached by then already 1000 motorcycles. During the same period of time the engine of 450 cubic centimeters and 3,5 h.p. was made. Its cost made 43 pounds sterling. On motorcycles the transmission which allowed to rise by steep slopes began to be put. The truth it was completely manual, and for switching of speeds it was required to stop, get down from the motorcycle and to rearrange a chain. And in 1908 Jack Marshall on the Triumph motorcycle won the race Tourist Trophy.

Affairs of the company went uphill. By 1910 sales volumes reached 3000 copies a year. Pedals were excluded from a design of motorcycles. Shulte designed the two-cylinder engine of 600 of "cubes". In 1914 Triumph secured the order for army from the colonel Claude Holbrooke, and in the years of World War I more than 30 000 motorcycles were delivered to troops.

In 1919 the company was left by Moritts Shulte, and he was succeeded by none other than Claude Holbrooke. In a year of Triumph began to release the new Type SD motorcycle of 500 cubic centimeters. Also the new drum brakes which are used by bicycles began to be applied. On brakes then paid special attention because of the increasing power of motorcycles.

There were new models. In 1923 the LS model equipped with the first oil pump was published, and in 1925 there was also a model P which was on sale at very low price without decline in quality that provided a huge number of buyers. Capacities all grew, and by 1927 reached an indicator in 30 000 motorcycles a year.

After that in the company considerable changes started happening. In 1929, at the beginning of the Great depression, crash comprehended stock exchange of the Wall Street. In this regard the Triumph company was compelled to sell the division in Germany. In a year of the president of firm the founder Siegfried Bettman resigned as it, but in 1932 Val Page, the genius of that time in production of engines came. He at once was accepted for good reason and created some new models of power units of various volumes and capacities. However 650-vat I didn't get accustomed at all. Consumers were interested in two-cylinder V-shaped engines more and more. I became available and the foot switch of transfers.

In 1936 the company was divided. One part began to be engaged in cars. The motorcycle division was bought by Jack Sengster owning also Ariel firm. At him Edward Turner was appointed the general designer. On a post of the president Batman returned. In a year Turner presented the new Speed Twin model (T100). This motorcycle could disperse to speed in 150 km/h, and finally defined style of the British motorcycles for the next 40 years. In 1938 Bill Johnson bought a share of shares of the company of British and American Motors. In a consequence this firm became the distributor of the Triumph motorcycles in the USA.

In 1990 Triumph presented new models at an exhibition in the German Cologne. It were "cruizer" of Trident, the tourist bike of Trophy and the sports Daytona model. All three motorcycles surpassed expectations of public, but all the same significantly lagged behind Japanese competitors.

In four years one more model was let out. Speed Triple specially made excellent from Japanese, and she received positive estimates of critics. One more bike of Tiger was designed for fans of adventures. The same year the Triumph company began sale of the motorcycles and in the USA, having opened division of Triumph Motorcycles of America.

In 1995 production returned on former level to 50 000 motorcycles a year. Also the new racing Sprint ST model was developed. In 1999 the company made also TT600 is there was quite decent model, but without claims for high positions in world motorcycle hierarchy.

The new millennium turned back new accident. In 2002 there was a fire in producing departments. However the company was insured, and it allowed to build up all over again. Well and that the research center didn't suffer. Creation of new models proceeded. The Rocket III motorcycle, the first at that time from started in a mass production which engine displacement exceeded 2 liters became one of them!

In the next years the company worked on improvement of the Daytona model. It was succeeded to increase even more power and to put the three-cylinder engine of 675 of "cube". Since then the model began to act in the class "Supersport". It was the top of achievements of the company. Now the enterprise works on several new models, and it is quite possible that we still will hear about new triumph of Triumph.

Triumph 1050 Speed Triple Triumph 1050 Speed Triple
Triumph 1200e Saloon Triumph 1200e Saloon
Triumph 1300 Triumph 1300
Triumph 1500 Triumph 1500
Triumph 1500 Tc Triumph 1500 Tc
Triumph 1800 Roadster Triumph 1800 Roadster
Triumph 2 5 Sports Triumph 2 5 Sports
Triumph 2000 Triumph 2000
Triumph 2000 Estate Triumph 2000 Estate
Triumph 2000 Mark I Triumph 2000 Mark I
Triumph 2000 Mk 2 Triumph 2000 Mk 2
Triumph 2000 Mk I Triumph 2000 Mk I
Triumph 2000 Mk Ii Triumph 2000 Mk Ii
Triumph 2000 Mk2 Triumph 2000 Mk2
Triumph 2000 Roadster Triumph 2000 Roadster
Triumph 25 Pi Triumph 25 Pi
Triumph 250 Triumph 250
Triumph 250 Sl Triumph 250 Sl
Triumph 2500 Triumph 2500
Triumph 2500 Injection Triumph 2500 Injection
Triumph 2500 Pi Triumph 2500 Pi
Triumph 2500 S Triumph 2500 S
Triumph 2500 S Estate Triumph 2500 S Estate
Triumph 2500 Tc Triumph 2500 Tc
Triumph 3 1 Triumph 3 1
Triumph 3hw Triumph 3hw
Triumph 3s Triumph 3s
Triumph 3t Triumph 3t
Triumph 3ta Triumph 3ta
Triumph 3wh Triumph 3wh
Triumph 5t Triumph 5t
Triumph 5t Speed Twin Triumph 5t Speed Twin
Triumph 5ta Triumph 5ta
Triumph 650 Triumph 650
Triumph 650 Bonneville Custom Triumph 650 Bonneville Custom
Triumph 650 Saint Triumph 650 Saint
Triumph 6t Saint Triumph 6t Saint
Triumph 6t Thunderbird Triumph 6t Thunderbird
Triumph 900 Adventurer Triumph 900 Adventurer
Triumph 900 Daytona Triumph 900 Daytona
Triumph 900 Thruxton Triumph 900 Thruxton
Triumph 900 Thunderbird Triumph 900 Thunderbird
Triumph Acclaim Triumph Acclaim
Triumph Adventurer Triumph Adventurer
Triumph America Triumph America
Triumph Bonneville Triumph Bonneville
Triumph Bonneville 750 Triumph Bonneville 750
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