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The founding father of the TVR Engineering company Trevor Wilkinson was born in 1923 in the city of Blackpool. In 14 years he threw school and left to work as the mechanic in local garage. Having accumulated experience, Trevor organized the masterful Trevcar Motors where in 1947 and I made the first car. Two years later it gave the company the name which came from his name TreVoR – TVR Engineering.

Development of the TVR Engineering company in the market began with production of the first car by Trevor Wilkinson in 1947. It was the car from an easy alloy on the basis of the Alvis Firebird chassis. The engineer's thought went further, and the first car on own chassis which was released in 1949 was designed. The body of a car consisted of an easy alloy, and as the power unit the Ford 100E engine of 1172 cubic cm was used.

In 1956 the firm expanded sale circles, and cars from TVR Engineering appeared in the USA. And in 1958 production of the TVR Grantura model which found popularity thanks to the external appeal and speed began. Approximately in 10 years about 100 copies of this car were made and sold. But by then already the sports page of the history TVR which began with race in Le Mans of a sample of 1962 was crowned with success. The TVR Engineering company which presented at once two Grantura cars in the history took part in that competition for the first time.

In 1963 development of the company proceeded. At first the TVR Griffith model as which basis designers took Grantura was created. In it modified the chassis and installed the 4,7-liter Ford V8 engine. The name of a car received from a name of the American dealer in Jack Grifft's cars. According to characteristics of Grantura could give odds to many sport cars of those times. About 300 such cars, however, in connection with the high cost were made, the model didn't become popular.

In 1965 the company had hard times again, and financial problems nearly resulted in bankruptcy of firm. That by the end of the 65th the management of TVR changed turned out to be consequence of crash: Artur Lille became the main shareholder of TVR, and his son Martin – the dealer. After change of the management in the company sale growth began. The Grantura and Griffith models were laid off while to the conveyor there were Vixen and Tuscan V8.

The exhibition in November, 1966 took place in Turin not without participation of TVR where the new sports cabriolet of 2+2 Tina which design belonged to Trevor Fiore's authorship was presented. The case of a prototype was made of steel though further, as well as in all other TVR cars, the Tina case had to be made of fiberglass. The car was equipped with the engine and a transmission from Imp Sport.

In 1970 the TVR company carried out moving on Bristol Avenue where its headquarters and settles down still. However increase in production began only next decade. 1979 and 1980 became "champion": model 1600M won the AV-BRSCC Prodsports series, and the car 3000M, having won all races in which participated, won a rank of the champion of the BRDC Prodsports series.

In 1980 the Tasmin model which bore a name of the girlfriend Martina Lilly was let out. Changes in the car concerned the chassis, a body and the engine. Style of a body was developed by Oliver Uinterbott who was already known for the works on Lotus Elite and Eclat. Options of a compartment and a cabriolet were let out, but the model didn't meet expectations on sales.

1982 was critical for TVR. Peter Wheeler for which year of work the new model – TVR 350i with the Rover V8 engine developing power in 190 h.p. was presented to the public became the owner of the company. The same car, but with the 2,8-liter engine, received the name TVR 280i.

The new head in the history of TVR opened in 1987 together with the birth of cars of a series S. They were completed with 2,9-liter Ford V6 engines with fuel injection. Having very low price for cars of such class (about 13000 pounds sterling), they allowed to double almost in a year output.

The next take-off of TVR was endured with revival of the Griffith model. For the first time in 1990 the powerful zadneprivodny car equipped with the Rover engine – TVR Griffith 500 was presented to the public. The first cars were sold at the beginning of 1992, thereby, having won popularity. In 1993 the classical sport car of Griffith 500 was let out, and in February, 1997 TVR designed Griffith 500 with hardtop top.

After Chimera and Cerbera cars which even more strengthened the status of TVR as the most popular British independent producer of cars were released. And in 2004 the company was got by the Russian businessman Nikolay Smolensky.

Today about 400 employees who release more than one thousand cars a year are under supervision of our fellow countryman. TVR Engineering Ltd. – it is the organization which is engaged in production of elite sport cars, and also power units under them. At the moment the model range of the producer looks as follows: Tamora, Tuscan, Cerbera, T350, Sagaris, T400 and Typhon. The cost of some of these cars exceeds $ US dollars 100 000.

Tvr 2 Tvr 2
Tvr 280 S Tvr 280 S
Tvr 280i Tvr 280i
Tvr 290 S Tvr 290 S
Tvr 3000 M Tvr 3000 M
Tvr 3000m Turbo Tvr 3000m Turbo
Tvr 3000s Tvr 3000s
Tvr 3000s Turbo Tvr 3000s Turbo
Tvr 350i Tvr 350i
Tvr 400 Se Tvr 400 Se
Tvr 420 Seac Tvr 420 Seac
Tvr 450 Se Tvr 450 Se
Tvr Cerbera Tvr Cerbera
Tvr Cerbera Gt2 Tvr Cerbera Gt2
Tvr Cerbera Speed 12 Tvr Cerbera Speed 12
Tvr Chimaera Tvr Chimaera
Tvr Chimaera 500 Tvr Chimaera 500
Tvr Chimera Tvr Chimera
Tvr Cimaera Tvr Cimaera
Tvr Grantura Tvr Grantura
Tvr Grantura 1800s Tvr Grantura 1800s
Tvr Griffith Tvr Griffith
Tvr Griffith 500 Tvr Griffith 500
Tvr M Series Tvr M Series
Tvr S Series Tvr S Series
Tvr S3 Tvr S3
Tvr Sagaris Tvr Sagaris
Tvr Speed 12 Tvr Speed 12
Tvr Speed Twelve Tvr Speed Twelve
Tvr T350c Tvr T350c
Tvr T350t Tvr T350t
Tvr T440r Tvr T440r
Tvr Taimar Turbo Tvr Taimar Turbo
Tvr Tamora Tvr Tamora
Tvr Tasmin Tvr Tasmin
Tvr Tuscan Tvr Tuscan
Tvr Tuscan 2 Tvr Tuscan 2
Tvr Tuscan R Tvr Tuscan R
Tvr Tuscan S Tvr Tuscan S
Tvr Tuscan Speed Six Tvr Tuscan Speed Six
Tvr Typhon Tvr Typhon
Tvr V8 S Tvr V8 S
Tvr Vixen Tvr Vixen
Tvr Vixen S1 Tvr Vixen S1
Tvr Vixen S2 Tvr Vixen S2
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