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Johannes Gutgemann got over to England from Germany from the small town of Obervinter. Having moved to Birmingham, first of all, it replaced a name, having been called as Jack Taylor. There it founded the pharmaceutical company which in parallel was engaged also in bicycles. Other producer of bicycles William Gyyu became his partner. Together they created firm Tailor, Gew & Company which was engaged in release of bicycles under the name of Hampton. Also the motorcycle with the forward drive was also made.

In the end of the year production extended thanks to purchase of the Kelscom Motors bankrupt company. These firms cooperated earlier. In particular, Tailor-Gew delivered to detail Kelscom for Ormond motorcycle model with the 3 horsepowers single-cylinder engine. In 1905 these cars were sold already under other brand - Veloce. The same year the company failed and self-destructed.

It is necessary to pay tribute to mister Taylor who didn't lose self-confidence, and almost right after a failure I founded new firm Veloce of the same orientation. His sons also became interested in motorcycles, but decided to achieve everything, having created own company New Veloce Motors.

In the beginning affairs went well, and they managed even to assemble own car, but in 8 years, in 1916, New Veloce Motors was absorbed by the company of the father. In 1908, approximately in at one time with departure of sons, Veloce began production of motorcycles. The model with the four-cycle engine of 276 cubic centimeters and 2,5 horsepowers was let out.

The top cam-shaft which began to be put later on all Velocette vehicles was feature of this model. Then it didn't bring special success, sales volumes were low, and Taylor made the decision to create motorcycle model, other, most ordinary for those times, with the belt drive for a back wheel, but more powerful - "cubes" of 500. Affairs went at once up, and both models were gradually modified.

In 1911 Taylor took himself the British nationality, having again replaced a name and having become Gudman this time. The ladies' motorcycle with the 206-vat engine appeared the latest pre-war model. Since 1914, as well as the vast majority of other companies, Velocette transferred all capacities to ammunition.

In 1916 as it was told above, the sons who came to grief returned to the company, and with enthusiasm got down to business. Right after war with their help the model range of the company was replenished at once with three new cars - Din DL1 with a capacity of engines of 206 and 220 "cubes", and also D2 and DL2. In the next years these models were repeatedly modernized. There were such innovations as forward brakes, a kik-starter and coupling. In 1922 the company created also two sports models with the engine in 249 cubic centimeters. And in a year there was a Colonial-GC model which was issued in two versions – with a carriage and without it.

In 1924 production of economic cars with the simple names Model-A and Model-B was begun. The first was equipped with a two-speed transmission and the belt drive. The second had three transfers and the chain drive. Release of the ladies' models which received the name E's proceeded. And three motorcycles of a series K in 1925 took part in Younger TT, however, so far without results. Nevertheless, in a year Alec Bennet won first place at competitions, operating the Velocette motorcycle with the engine in 348 cubic centimeters. This victory was not the last. Two more gold medals were got in 1928 and 1929. And the model K was modernized to newer in respect of the KSS technologies.

The period from 1925 to 1935 became the most productive for the company. At that time plants of the company moved at first to Aston, and then and to the Hall Green. The set of new models was let out. Among them it is possible to note duple Model-V, modernizations of the series K mentioned above - KS, KE, KES, KTT, the sports USS motorcycle, quite standard car with a basic complete set of Model-32 which distinctive feature was the blue gasoline tank, and also the 249-vat GTP model.

In three years a series M was put on sale. Three best motorcycles of this series – MOV with the four-cycle engine equipped with pushers, MAC and MSS. By 1939 there was very successful sports Velocette model – MkVIIIKTT which won younger TT. Also the forced racing Roarer with an engine displacement of 490 cubic centimeters was presented.

During World War II production stopped a little, factory complexes were exposed to raids of enemy aircraft, but the company worried these terrible days. Right after war model O equipped with the motor with two in parallel the located cylinders totaling 580 cubic centimeters descended from the conveyor. Didn't forget and about pre-war models, such as GTP, MOV and KSS which also continued to be issued.

In 1947 the company was expected by triumph – on the same younger TT motorcycles of the Velocette brand overtook all competitors, having occupied all pedestal plus not prize-winning fourth place. In a year release, perhaps, of the most known model of the Velocette brand, namely – LE began. Externally it significantly differed from all other bikes, had the engine with water cooling of 149 cubic centimeters, a manual transmission and the cardan drive. The model was practically not bought, but actively used by police officers for patrols.

1949 and 1950 brought the companies of the two first of a place in the World Cups in a class of 350 cubic centimeters. In 1951 the founder and the permanent head of the company of Gutgemann-Taylor-Gudman died. With his death release of sports cars completely stopped. Since then generally class Supersport models, such as Venom, Viper, Veliant and Wog were issued.

In 1964 there was a last standing Velocette Trakson motorcycle. In 1967 by it the highest awards of factory TT were won. But all this there were pathetic attempts, attempts to keep afloat. Without Gudman affairs of the company finally reeled. 1971 became the last for Velocette – crisis reached the highest point, and this brand became history of the British motorcycle production.

Velocette 500 Velocette 500
Velocette Kss Velocette Kss
Velocette Ktt 350 Velocette Ktt 350
Velocette Le Velocette Le
Velocette Le Mark Iii Velocette Le Mark Iii
Velocette Mac 350 Velocette Mac 350
Velocette Mss 500 Velocette Mss 500
Velocette Venom Velocette Venom
Velocette Venom Clubman Velocette Venom Clubman
Velocette Venom Sports Velocette Venom Sports
Velocette Viper 350 Velocette Viper 350
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