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Venturi carmaker was founded in 1984 by two outstanding engineers – Gerard Godfroi and Claude Poirot who were initially aimed at development of the sports cars differing in unknown technical characteristics, comfortableness and originality of design.

Cars of the Ferrari and Porsche brands which at that time were considered as legislators of fashion in the field of production of cars of a sports class and luxury were taken as a basis of production. With it a certain external similarity between double cars is connected with a body of "compartment", released by the Venturi and Ferrari brands.

The MVS-Venturi car which was called one of the best serial cars of year in motorsport became the first serious development of engineers. There was it in 1987, in two years before the company officially received the present name – Venturi. However, as not strange, that stage could appear the last in the history of existence of firm.

Financial difficulties and absence of ample opportunities of active work on production of a car induced Godfrua and Poirot to do a pause which lasted until the company in 1994 wasn't redeemed by the famous Irish businessman Hobert O'Neill. The beginning of work on the Venturi Atlantique 300 model which was published two years after is connected with his name. This car possessed the powerful V-shaped 6-cylinder petrol engine with two valves on the cylinder which became one of the best development in the history of the company.

The motor settled down is longitudinal on the center. Its power was equated to 310 horsepowers which at a torque in 6200 revolutions per minute allowed the Venturi 300 Atlantique car to disperse to 275 km/h. The rear-wheel model was equipped with a forward suspension bracket on double triangular levers of a cross arrangement, a back suspension bracket on double cross and longitudinal levers. The brake system was organized by means of the ventilated disks. Average fuel consumption made about 20 liters on 100 km around the city and about 10 liters on "one hundred" on the route. The model was in production up to 2001.

However much more positive comments from the public were received by other model – 400GT which engine capacity made 400 horsepowers at the volume equal to nearly three liters. It would seem, threatened nothing to development of the company, but in 1996 Venturi had again financial difficulties in this connection, the firm was redeemed by the Thai concern Nakarin Benz. Practically all last progress of the French firm was connected with the name of this organization.

By the beginning of the XXI century level of production of the Venturi company exceeded 100 exclusive cars a year, thus growth of this production promptly increased. But the real boom after which about Venturi practically all motorists started talking, began after presentation in Geneva of the Venturi Fetish sporty coupe. The electric motor installed on this car had a capacity of 245 horsepowers, providing thus the maximum speed in 225 km/h, and also dispersal to "one hundred" only in 4,5 seconds. Besides, the car without problems could pass 350 km without recharge of batteries.

This surprising electric motor was collected from 100 modules, each of which included on 72 batteries. The weight of the motor made 350 kg. For control of this mechanism Intel XScale computers which technology allowed to fix the existing problem of control of batteries with power about 60 kW/hour long ago were chosen. Arranged the electric motor to similarly many other sports cars. When developing the latest Venturi Fetish supercar used also such innovation as the device of wireless access from the Alvarion company which meets the standard 802.1b (pre-WiMAX). On the WiMAX technology proved the hopes designers of the cars working at solar batteries.

Besides, the rear-wheel Venturi Fetish model was equipped with a forward suspension bracket on double levers and the brake system consisting of the ventilated disks. Thus forward brakes included double disks, and back – unary. The body executed in futuristic style confirmed with all tests the highest indicators of aerodynamics.

The conceptual Venturi Fetish model, which cost exceeded 500 000 euros for today, it appeared the most serious achievement of the Venturi company. However engineers and designers of firm already now decided to be engaged actively in preparation of the new models capable to create a revolutionary situation in the world of motorsport.

Venturi 260 Venturi 260
Venturi 260 Atlantique Venturi 260 Atlantique
Venturi 260 Lm Venturi 260 Lm
Venturi 300 Atlantique Venturi 300 Atlantique
Venturi 300 Lm Venturi 300 Lm
Venturi 400 Lm Venturi 400 Lm
Venturi 400gt Venturi 400gt
Venturi 600 Lm Venturi 600 Lm
Venturi Atlantique Venturi Atlantique
Venturi Coupe Venturi Coupe
Venturi Eclectic Venturi Eclectic
Venturi Fetish Venturi Fetish
Venturi R 400 Gt Venturi R 400 Gt
Venturi Transcup Venturi Transcup
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