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The well-known aircraft designer, the officer of the Honourable Legion of France, the author of a first-ever seaplane after World War I, refused development military aeromechanics and switched to design of cars. Many ideas which arose and introduced in aircraft construction, Gabriel Vuazen applied and at a construction of cars. The designer in all the models widely used aluminum alloys to facilitate a design.

The history of Voisin carmaker began in 1919 when in shops of the former aircraft factory started production of avalvulvar Knight engines. At the same time Vuazen was accepted to development of bodies for cars. In team not less well-known developers – Andre Lefebvre who in the future became the chief designer of the Citroen company, and also the designer Andre Talmon who participated in design of many bodies of Voisin worked with it.

The first Voisin model was the S-1 car is there was a modernization of the Citroen car which release the firm refused. The engineers who developed it Artaud and Dyufren, addressed to Gabriel Vuazen with idea to equip such model with the avalvulvar Panhard-Levassor 16CV engine. The prototype was ready on February 5, 1919, and next year the S-1 or 18/23CV model was started in a mass production.

The car was equipped with the line 4-cylinder engine with a working volume nearly 4 liters without valves that provided reduction of noise of its work. Diameter of the cylinder of the motor made 95 mm, and a piston stroke – 140 mm. When Vuazen decided to test the first model in races, aluminum pistons were installed and engine capacity to 90 horsepowers was thus increased. The model with a mechanical 4-staged transmission gathered on a spar frame on semielliptical springs and was equipped with drum brakes on back wheels. The maximum speed of the Voisin S-1 model made 130 kilometers per hour. This car in 1922 became the first in race for the Big Prize of France. In the next 10 years all models, in essence, were its modernization.

In 1921 the Voisin S-4 model which engine capacity made 1,2 liters was published. Then the car which wasn't started in a mass production, with the V12 engine of 7,2 liters was developed. The corner of disorder of cylinders in this motor made only 30 °, and frictional coupling was replaced with the hydraulic coupling.

The Voisin S-11 model equipped with the 6-cylinder avalvulvar engine became following. The S-14 car, or 13CV, was equipped with the 2,3 liters engine, and its maximum speed made 120 kilometers per hour. Then the Voisin S-23 model which was recognized as the most stylish car of the company was let out. Though the following development was extraordinary. This car was equipped with the 3-liter engine.

In 1930 the model range of Voisin cars was filled up by the Simoun and Sirocco models with the 5,8 and 4,9 liters engines respectively. The Sirocco car was equipped with the avalvulvar VI2 engine with a diameter of cylinder of 72 mm and a piston stroke of 100 mm. Power of this motor made 115 horsepowers. The model was equipped with a mechanical 3-staged transmission, a suspension bracket on semielliptical springs and drum brakes. The maximum speed which this limousine could develop, made 155 kilometers per hour. Sirocco collected on very low frame with a non-standard body became a basis for development of even more original cars – a limousine of Diana and the Myra car. Bodies of all these models were rather spacious and comfortable.

The Aerodyne car released in the mid-thirties became the following model which surprised the world. Aerodyne was equipped with the 12-cylinder engine which consisted of two 6-cylinder. Appearance of this model corresponded to the name – it had a magnificent aerodynamic body.

After a while avalvulvar engines were replaced with 6-cylinder motors with a working volume of 3,5 liters of production of the American firm Graham. The small Biscooter car started in production by the Spanish automobile building firm became the latest model developed by the Voisin company. After about firm it was audible nothing.

Voisin C 27 Aerosport Voisin C 27 Aerosport
Voisin C1 Voisin C1
Voisin C14 Voisin C14
Voisin C14 Coach Voisin C14 Coach
Voisin C20 Voisin C20
Voisin C20 Simoun Demi Berline Voisin C20 Simoun Demi Berline
Voisin C24 Carene Voisin C24 Carene
Voisin C25 Voisin C25
Voisin C28 Voisin C28
Voisin C3 Voisin C3
Voisin C3c Voisin C3c
Voisin C5 Voisin C5
Voisin C7 Chasteness Voisin C7 Chasteness
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