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At the beginning of the XX century the automobile market of Sweden had not the best times. The existing companies developed poorly, and their quantity was insignificant. Many of them were ruined or refused this activity. The basis of vehicle fleet of the country was made by the American cars, however, them the suspension bracket obviously wasn't calculated on local specific roads. All this was the prerequisite to creation of the largest Swedish autocompany Volvo which translation of the name from Latin designates "I slide".

1924 became fatal for the Swedish automobile industry. Then, in Stockholm, Assar Gebrielson and Gustaf Larson made the decision on creation of the new car which could move freely over all country, despite bad quality of roads and any weather conditions. Thus, in 1926 the first prototype of the new car was created, big help in which creation was given by SKF firm, having become the first sponsor. As the designer Mass-Olle using the American technologies in the work was invited. As an emblem of the new company the circle and an arrow symbolizing a board and a spear of Mars which, in turn, were iron symbols were used.

The car was supplied with the 1,9-liter engine with lateral valves. Two modifications were supposed: OV-4 with an open body and PV4 sedan. On April 14, 1927 plant on the island Hizingen, the Gothenburg was let out the first serial Volvo car which represented the phaeton with open top equipped with the four-cylinder engine. Volvo Jacob was similar to the American cars on design, however, differed in the powerful chassis and had an independent suspension bracket with long lobbies and back springs. The engine was capable to develop 28 horsepowers at 2000 rpm, and the maximum speed made 90 km/h that was quite actual at that time.

The new car was estimated at 4800 kroner. It was planned to let out 500 copies, but among the Swedish drivers of an agiotage didn't arise. Thus, for all the time of sales only 297 cars were realized.

In 1928 the updated Volvo Special model which represented the extended version of a sedan of PV4 with thin forward racks and a rectangular window behind was let out. It is remarkable that the car had bumpers which at that time weren't the obligatory equipment yet. In 1929 1383 cars of the Volvo brand were sold already, the first truck - Type 1 was also created and the first foreign branch Volvo Auto in Helsinki, Finland built up.

In the thirties producers addressed to a problem of the market of a taxi. The first 7-seater models called TR671 and TR672 were so created. Important development was gained by brake system: hydraulic brakes were for the first time established. 90% of all cars released by Volvo were on sale in Sweden and were advertized as national goods, holding 8% of the market. All cars were improved: engine displacement increased to 3,3 l, and the developed power made 65 h.p. In 1935 there was a PV36 model with new design which was characterized as "the streamline car".

By the end of 1938 producers felt an acute shortage of fuel therefore it was decided to make the cars working at coal gas. However World War II marked the end of production of personal cars. Sales reduced practically to zero. the 40th years brought with themselves the new PV444 model which combined in itself the American style and the European size, having become one of the most successful development. The engine could develop to 40 h.p., but, unfortunately, very successful start of sales of PV444 was followed by hard times for Volvo. Nevertheless, by 1948 car sales increased up to the volumes unprecedented hitherto.

The 50th years were marked by release of the first sports Volvo Sport car to which the 5-year guarantee was extended. The new model turned on the B14A engine with two carburetors developing 70 h.p., however, other components completely were transferred with PV444. In 1956 the most real furor made the two-color Volvo 120 known as Amazon. Three-point seat belts were included in the standard equipment. The laborious gain of the American market began.

In the sixties improvement of the Amazon model became primary activity of Volvo. The new version which received the name Favorit appeared result of all works. It should be noted that the difference between this model and the previous two-door version was not so big. Also the company actively expanded borders, opening branches across all Europe.

In 1971 the most powerful of all released cars was presented. The Volvo 164 E engine had electronic injection and could develop to 175 hp. Entry into the market of small-sized city cars, thanks to the DAF 66 model subsequently renamed into Volvo Car B.V became one more achievement. During the same period of time the Volvo company was awarded by a gold medal for the safety control which was given out by the Swedish Automobile Association.

In 1983 there was indisputable that fact that three main Volvo models reached ideal position in the market. Even if to consider that the world automobile market underwent considerable decline, at Volvo the essential growth of sales practically in all directions was observed. Innovative ignition which was controlled by the microprocessor was developed that at once significantly improved productivity and at the same time reduced fuel consumption. Besides, all models were equipped with the catalyst of exhaust gases of new generation. And such development of Volvo as protection against a side crash and the children's strengthened pillow which is established on back sitting of the car drew great attention.

Within the 90th years power due to new scientific development was significantly increased. Thus, Volvo 850 developed 270 horsepowers, having become the main model of those years.

In 1999 Volvo was a part of Ford corporation, having reserved a right to use a brand. Signing of Volvo and the Renault company of the joint agreement in 2000 on creation of uniform corporation opened a new era of production of trucks. On modern car showrooms Volvo with pleasure I showed the concept car from the "vision of designers of Volvo of cars of the future" series.

Today's model range includes cars of several series: S – models in a body a sedan, V – capacious family versatile persons, XC - Cross Country, or a body the crossover (SUV), C – a car in a compartment body. Each of series included the newest development of the last years. Besides excellent quality, from the technical point of view of the Volvo car received all necessary for the high level of safety and comfortable salon.

A series S was made by models with indexes 40, 60 and 80, the least powerful among which – S40 equipped with the 1,6 liters engine and 100 horsepowers. The strongest car of this series – S80 with the V8 motor which power makes 315 "horses". Thus each model was presented in different modifications which differences, besides engines, became a transmission (automatic or mechanical) and the drive (full, or forward).

A series C included two models. C30 – the car with a compartment body on which installed engines from 1,6 to 2,5 liters with power from 100 to 230 h.p. Also each modification was equipped with different transmissions. C70 – the car with the developing top equipped with the motor in 2,4 or 2,5 liters which power made 140 or 230 h.p.

The similar situation developed and with a series V are the V50 and V70 models. The front-wheel V70 2.5 T car with a body the versatile person received the 2,5 liters engine with a power of 200 h.p. and a mechanical 6-staged transmission, and its all-wheel drive modification of V70 T6 AWD is equipped with the 285 motor of "horses". This model was also equipped with an automatic transmission.

The greatest number of various modifications entered a series XC – four-wheel drive vehicles. The XC70 model is a number of the cars with a body the versatile person equipped with engines with a working volume of 3,2 liters with a power from 185 to 238 h.p.

XC60 – the car presented in two options. XC60 D5 AWD – the all-wheel drive SUV with a mechanical transmission which power of the power unit makes 185 horsepowers. More powerful is the XC60 T6 AWD car with the 285-strong motor and an automatic transmission. At all options of design and spaciousness of salon the most various model – Volvo XC90. In the most popular complete set it was equipped with V8 engines with a power of 315 h.p. and an automatic transmission. However and among XC90 cars there were less powerful, but the same safe and comfortable modifications.

Volvo 121 Volvo 121
Volvo 121 Amazon 2dr Volvo 121 Amazon 2dr
Volvo 121 Amazon 4 Dr Volvo 121 Amazon 4 Dr
Volvo 121 Amazon Favorit Volvo 121 Amazon Favorit
Volvo 121 Amazon Wagon Volvo 121 Amazon Wagon
Volvo 121 Estate Volvo 121 Estate
Volvo 121 Wagon Volvo 121 Wagon
Volvo 121s 4dr Volvo 121s 4dr
Volvo 122 Volvo 122
Volvo 122 Amazon Volvo 122 Amazon
Volvo 122 Amazon 2dr Volvo 122 Amazon 2dr
Volvo 122 Amazon Wagon Volvo 122 Amazon Wagon
Volvo 122 S Volvo 122 S
Volvo 122 S Kombi Volvo 122 S Kombi
Volvo 122 S Station Wagon Volvo 122 S Station Wagon
Volvo 1225 Volvo 1225
Volvo 122s Amazon Volvo 122s Amazon
Volvo 122s Amazon 2dr Volvo 122s Amazon 2dr
Volvo 122s Wagon Volvo 122s Wagon
Volvo 123 Gt Volvo 123 Gt
Volvo 123 S Volvo 123 S
Volvo 13134 Vf Amazon Volvo 13134 Vf Amazon
Volvo 140 Volvo 140
Volvo 142 Volvo 142
Volvo 142 1361 T Automatic Volvo 142 1361 T Automatic
Volvo 142 4341 U Volvo 142 4341 U
Volvo 142 Dl Volvo 142 Dl
Volvo 142gl Volvo 142gl
Volvo 142r Volvo 142r
Volvo 142s Volvo 142s
Volvo 144 Volvo 144
Volvo 144 Dl Volvo 144 Dl
Volvo 144 Taxi Volvo 144 Taxi
Volvo 144 Tic Volvo 144 Tic
Volvo 144s Volvo 144s
Volvo 145 Volvo 145
Volvo 145 Ambulans Volvo 145 Ambulans
Volvo 145 Expres Volvo 145 Expres
Volvo 145 Express Volvo 145 Express
Volvo 145 Taxi Volvo 145 Taxi
Volvo 145 Wagon Volvo 145 Wagon
Volvo 145dl Volvo 145dl
Volvo 145dl Wagon Volvo 145dl Wagon
Volvo 145e Volvo 145e
Volvo 145gl Volvo 145gl
Volvo 162 C Prototype Volvo 162 C Prototype
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