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Henrikh Erhard – the German armorer who in 1896 opened own automobile building factory Fahrzeugfabrik Eisenach AG in the small town of Eisenach. The company Wartburg began the activity with arrangements with other auto makers, such as the French firm Decauville which production and can be found today in the market of lorries. The contract on cooperation and with the German company BMW was signed.

The first model which received the name Wartburg, according to the name of the nearby lock, the company presented in 1898, having copied the French Decauville equipped with the single-cylinder engine with a working volume of 5 liters. The motor which power made about 3,5 horsepowers, by means of air and water was cooled. The engine was placed behind. Since 1903 the model range became more various. There were cars with the increased motor power. Now it was possible to get the car in 4; 8,5; 10 horsepowers.

In 1904 all production of automobile factory in Eisenach was renamed into Dixi – will be called so and the company later. In 1927 the DA-1 model which repeated under the terms of the license the first-ever BMW car, to be exact – Austin Seven was presented. This car also brought to the company the greatest popularity and popularity.

After World War II Thuringia, and together with it and Eisenach, departed to GDR. The Fahrzeugfabrik Eisenach AG company began to release pre-war BMW cars, but under the name of BMWs. Directly the corporation making original BMW cars was already against, but up to this point nobody terminated arrangements. Nevertheless, the brand was renamed into EMW (Eisenach Motoren Werke). In the early fifties there were cars under the name IFA which practically repeated the pre-war DKW F9 model equipped with the two-stroke 3-cylinder engine. This motor will be used and further in production of Wartburg cars.

The Wartburg-311 (1955) model which originally represented a sedan with a roundish body that was characteristic for the 1950th years became the first full independent development of the company. There were modifications with bodies a compartment, the pickup, the station wagon and even a cabriolet later. Wartburg-311 had a stable demand, as in GDR, and abroad.

In 1966 there was the following model of the Wartburg car – 353. The updated design of a body a sedan existed up to reunification of Germany. This car became the most successful among all copies released the company. In 1969 on the basis of 353 models, but with a body the station wagon, was published Wartburg Tourist. With all completions and modifications model 353 was made till 1991.

In 1984 there was the next modernization of 353 Wartburg models. On the car the same two-stroke 3-cylinder engine with a diameter of cylinder of 73,5 mm and a piston stroke of 78 mm was installed. The working volume of the motor made nearly 1 liter, power – about 50 horsepowers. The car assembled on the bearing platform with a lever and spring suspension bracket was completed with disk brakes on forward wheels and drum on the back. The maximum speed of which reached Wartburg-353W, made 130 kilometers per hour. During 1985 this model was let out in number of more than 1 million copies that showed a great demand on the car. At this time Wartburg-353W looked more modern both outside, and from within.

In 1988 the outdated engine was replaced with the production Volkswagen motor. Its working volume made 1,3 liters. As a result the updated car received the name Wartburg 1,3 – this car can still be met on roads of east Germany and even in the former republics of the USSR. But the last modernization didn't help the company to sustain the growing competition, and in the early nineties production of Wartburg cars was stopped.

Wartburg 1000 Wartburg 1000
Wartburg 1000 Camping Wartburg 1000 Camping
Wartburg 1000 Camping Limousine Wartburg 1000 Camping Limousine
Wartburg 1000 Coup 311 Wartburg 1000 Coup 311
Wartburg 1000 Coupe Ht Wartburg 1000 Coupe Ht
Wartburg 1000 Estate Wartburg 1000 Estate
Wartburg 13 Wartburg 13
Wartburg 13 Limousine Wartburg 13 Limousine
Wartburg 13 Tourist Wartburg 13 Tourist
Wartburg 311 Wartburg 311
Wartburg 311 12 Wartburg 311 12
Wartburg 311 Tourist Wagon Wartburg 311 Tourist Wagon
Wartburg 3110 Wartburg 3110
Wartburg 312 Wartburg 312
Wartburg 353 Wartburg 353
Wartburg 353 Combi Wartburg 353 Combi
Wartburg 353 Estate Wartburg 353 Estate
Wartburg 353 S Wartburg 353 S
Wartburg 353 Tourist Wartburg 353 Tourist
Wartburg 353 Tourist Wagon Wartburg 353 Tourist Wagon
Wartburg 353w Wartburg 353w
Wartburg 353w Deluxe Wartburg 353w Deluxe
Wartburg 353w Tourist Wartburg 353w Tourist
Wartburg 353w Wagon Wartburg 353w Wagon
Wartburg Camping Wartburg Camping
Wartburg Camping Limousine Wartburg Camping Limousine
Wartburg Coupe Wartburg Coupe
Wartburg Golf Tourist Wartburg Golf Tourist
Wartburg Knight Wartburg Knight
Wartburg Kombi Wartburg Kombi
Wartburg Limousine Wartburg Limousine
Wartburg Limusiini Wartburg Limusiini
Wartburg Limuzin Wartburg Limuzin
Wartburg Limuzina Wartburg Limuzina
Wartburg Limuzyna Wartburg Limuzyna
Wartburg Schnelltransporter Wartburg Schnelltransporter
Wartburg Sport Coupe Wartburg Sport Coupe
Wartburg Sport Roadster Wartburg Sport Roadster
Wartburg Trans Wartburg Trans
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