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Wiesmann company – the relative beginner in the world market of production and sale of luxury conceptual cars. The first mention of this firm appeared in 1984 when brothers Wiesmann, the economist and the engineer by training, decided to base own business which would be closely connected with automotive industry.

Nevertheless, to enter the market Fridkhelm and Martin managed only in 1993 when the modern sports Wiesmann Roadster car was for the first time presented. This model made of steel and fiberglass panels possessed the longest cowl which gave to a roadster almost ideal weighing on axes.

The basic version of a cabriolet was equipped with the 231-strong 3-liter engine developed by the BMW company which helped the car to accelerate to 210 km/h. However where the great popularity was found by modification of Wiesmann Roadster MF3 which engine was also borrowed at BMW. This 3,2 liters 325-strong unit provided speed in 255 km/h, and to "one hundred" the car accelerated in 4,8 seconds. Relative low cost of cars was considered as the main advantage of production of brothers of Wiesmann. So, for example, roadster cost never exceeded 95 000 euros.

However at all not Wiesmann Roadster appeared the most popular development of brothers today. After success of the first car, Fridkhelm and Martin undertook creation of the revolutionary supercar – a compartment of Wiesmann GT made of the aluminum monocoque and fiberglass panels. The debut of basic model took place in Frankfurt at the very beginning of the XXI century, and next year sports modification of Wiesmann GT set a new record of the route in Nyurnburge.

As the power unit for model one of the most successful development of BMW – the 367 horsepowers V-shaped 8-cylinder engine which volume made 4,8 liters was chosen. The motor allowed the car to accelerate to 100 km/h in only 4,6 seconds. The main advantages of the car, in comparison with a roadster of brothers Wiesmann, called existence of an independent suspension bracket of all wheels, and also four-piston disk brakes. Wheels are made with a rim 20 inches wide. The car was equipped with also automatic 6-staged transmission, sometimes replacing it with 7-staged SMG-III. The design of the car really was effective. A rear drive Wiesmann GT was called the car which beauty is shown not only outside, but also from within.

In the summer of 2007 the management of the company reported that now the Wiesmann GT model received the V10 engine from BMW M5. This unit already showed opportunity to disperse to the car more than to 300 kilometers per hour. Thus the speed equal to 100 km/h, the car could reach less than in four seconds. The modernized car is presented was the little later in Frankfurt at an automobile exhibition. The new Wiesmann GT version began to be designated as MF-5. Also there was an opportunity to choose a body for this car: either roadster, or compartment. As well as in the previous models, in Wiesmann GT MF-5 salon established carbonic seats of ladle type which are capable to repeat completely contours of a human body, increasing comfort at very high speed.

Today production of the Wiesmann company received the status of the exclusive – the lizard on a cowl became the testimony of prosperity, extravagance and a symbol of high speed. Though without logo of Wiesmann firm there would be enough one view of this car. All cars are made under the order, and outputs reached 50 copies a year, thus persons interested to get such car faced need to write down in turn. In spite of the fact that the first development of the Wiesmann company appeared in the world market only the little more than a decade ago, its exclusive sport cars of Roadster and GT quickly won reputation of legislators of fashion in the field of production of luxury cars. Modern experts, unanimously agreed in opinion that brothers have Wiesmann ahead the big automobile building future. Each model of the company is a combination always of fashionable retro style with the latest developments of automotive industry, with the maximum comfort and level of safety.

Wiesmann Gt Wiesmann Gt
Wiesmann Gt Mf4 Wiesmann Gt Mf4
Wiesmann Gt Mf5 Wiesmann Gt Mf5
Wiesmann Mf 3 Roadster Wiesmann Mf 3 Roadster
Wiesmann Mf3 Wiesmann Mf3
Wiesmann Mf4gt Wiesmann Mf4gt
Wiesmann Mf5 Wiesmann Mf5
Wiesmann Mf5gt Wiesmann Mf5gt
Wiesmann Roadster Wiesmann Roadster
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