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The Australian enterprise Wolseley Sheep Shearing Company, rather known in the end of the XIX century, specialized on production of machines for a hairstyle of sheep. Herbert Austen at first worked in this company as the technician, but over time became the director of English office of Wolseley. In 1895 Herbert Austen decided to construct 3-wheeled crew created by an example of the French car of Leon Bollee. The car was equipped with the 1-cylinder engine which volume made 1,3 liters. But in a year the new model which called Wolseley Number 1 was let out.

In 1900 the English office of Wolseley was redeemed by the Vickers company, and Herbert Austen remained in board of directors of firm. And next year the first four-wheel Wolseley 5HP car equipped with the 1,3 liters 1-cylinder motor was presented. Practically at once there was also model 10HP on which installed the two-cylinder engine with a working volume of 2,6 liters. In both cars cylinders of engines settled down horizontally. Besides, Wolseley 5HP was completed with the updated coil of ignition and the float-operated carburetor – all these innovations were invented by Herbert Austen. Despite the elementary transmission, the car it was quite popular. The machine with drum brakes and the chain drive of back wheels, and also with a suspension bracket on semielliptical springs could accelerate to 40 km/h at the power only 5 horsepowers.

In 1905 the post of the CEO of the company was held by John Devenport Siddli who already owned by then the own company importing Peugeot cars to Great Britain. At the initiative of John Siddli Wolseley cars began to equip with engines with a vertical arrangement of cylinders which were released, actually, by Siddeley firm. Herbert Austen, discordant with an innovation, left the Wolseley company, and soon founded the automobile building firm Austin which became known for the whole world.

Till 1910 cars carried the name Wolseley-Siddeley. For their production the 2nd, 4th and 6-cylinder engines were used, thus the 15,7 liters four-cylinder motor was the most powerful of them.

In 1911 in a mass production the Wolseley 16/20HP model which also carried the name Stellite was started. The engine installed on this car was 4-cylinder and possessed volume in 3 liters. Next year the extraordinary car on two wheels equipped with the gyroscopic stabilizer was presented. The car received the corresponding name – Gyrocar. The Russian count Pyotr Petrovich Shilovsky suggested the company to realize this invention.

Shortly before the beginning of World War II of Wolseley together with Morris united with Nuffield group of companies into which Riley and MG already entered. At this moment the Wolseley company offered the buyers five cars equipped with six-cylinder engines from 2,1 to 3,5 liters.

After the end of war production of pre-war cars was resumed. The Wolseley 8HP model which is let out in 1946 became the first novelty. It was the copy of the Morris 8HP-E car the only difference from which was the motor with the top valves. In 1948 there were two more models identical to Morris cars. Wolseley-4/50 appeared analog of Morris Oxford, and Wolseley-6/80 repeated Morris Six. Cars were equipped with the 4th and 6-cylinder motors with the top camshafts. In 1949 practically all equipment of the Wolseley company was transported on plants of Morris firm that resulted in even bigger identity of the let-out models.

In 1952 the Nuffield concern and the Austin company created a korpor a tion of British Motor Corporation, or Naval Forces. Cars which went on sale under the name of Wolseley, were, besides, analog of other models released by various diggings entering into concern of Naval Forces, incorporating thus the best qualities of comfortable and powerful cars.

In the same 1952 on the London motor show Wolseley-4/44 on which installed the motor similar to the MG-TD model was presented. The car body reminded the MG Magnett-Z car. The line 4-cylinder unit possessed volume in 1,25 liters and power in 46 horsepowers. Wolseley-4/44 could gather speed to 118 km/h. In 1955 on the basis of this model Wolseley-6/90 on the Riley Pathfinder chassis, respectively, equipped with the production Austin 2,6 liters 6-cylinder engine was let out. These cars began to be used in police of England again.

In 1958 the Wolseley-1500 car which represented slightly increased version of the Morris Minor model was presented to the public. In 1961 to the public there was next Wolseley Hornet which actually repeated all technical characteristics of Morris Mini, and here the body was more attractive and, unlike Mini, three-volume. In the next years also under the name of Wolseley made the improved options of midget cars of concern of Naval Forces.

In 1967 Wolseley-18/85, in 1972 – a high-class sedan with the forward Wolseley-2200 drive was let out, and in 1975 the model range of Wolseley cars was much reduced. After a while one of latest models of the Wolseley-1300 company, in connection with financial crisis, was renamed into Princess. And the total disappearance of its development from the market became the following round of history of the Wolseley company.

Wolseley 10 Hp Wolseley 10 Hp
Wolseley 11 22 Wolseley 11 22
Wolseley 1100 Wolseley 1100
Wolseley 12 48 Wolseley 12 48
Wolseley 1300 Wolseley 1300
Wolseley 14 56 Wolseley 14 56
Wolseley 14 60 Wolseley 14 60
Wolseley 15 50 Wolseley 15 50
Wolseley 15 60 Wolseley 15 60
Wolseley 15 Hp Wolseley 15 Hp
Wolseley 1500 Wolseley 1500
Wolseley 16 60 Wolseley 16 60
Wolseley 1660 Wolseley 1660
Wolseley 1660 Saloon Wolseley 1660 Saloon
Wolseley 18 80 Wolseley 18 80
Wolseley 18 85 Wolseley 18 85
Wolseley 21 60 Wolseley 21 60
Wolseley 2200 Wolseley 2200
Wolseley 25 Wolseley 25
Wolseley 25 6 Wolseley 25 6
Wolseley 4 44 Wolseley 4 44
Wolseley 4 50 Wolseley 4 50
Wolseley 444 Wolseley 444
Wolseley 450 Wolseley 450
Wolseley 6 110 Wolseley 6 110
Wolseley 6 110 Hearse Wolseley 6 110 Hearse
Wolseley 6 80 Wolseley 6 80
Wolseley 6 90 Wolseley 6 90
Wolseley 6 99 Wolseley 6 99
Wolseley 6 Hp Wolseley 6 Hp
Wolseley 680 Wolseley 680
Wolseley 690 Wolseley 690
Wolseley Armoured Car Wolseley Armoured Car
Wolseley Eight Wolseley Eight
Wolseley Fourteen Wolseley Fourteen
Wolseley Hornet Wolseley Hornet
Wolseley Hornet Mk Ii Wolseley Hornet Mk Ii
Wolseley Hornet Sport Tourer Wolseley Hornet Sport Tourer
Wolseley Nine Wolseley Nine
Wolseley Oxford Taxi Wolseley Oxford Taxi
Wolseley Six Wolseley Six
Wolseley Stellite Wolseley Stellite
Wolseley Super Six Wolseley Super Six
Wolseley Ten Wolseley Ten
Wolseley Touring Wolseley Touring
Wolseley Voiturette Wolseley Voiturette
Wolseley Wasp Wolseley Wasp
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