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The history of the Xin Kai company began in 1984. Then the enterprise for re-equipment and repair of automotive vehicles was founded. In 1992 on its base with active participation of the Hong Kong firm "Junshan Development" the joint venture was organized.

In seventeen years which passed since then the enterprise thanks to persistent work and huge efforts of collective was transformed to powerful automobile building corporation and included not only automobile production, but also construction, financial, trade and cultural and community divisions.

In 1999 the automobile company Xin Kai on nation-wide classification received the status "The enterprise of the second category" and was officially transformed to automobile corporation. Being the advanced enterprise of the Province of Hebei, the enterprise one of the first mastered new mechanisms of managing in the conditions of an economic reform and got strong support from party and government bodies.

In 1998 the Xin Kai corporation passed tests and received the certificate of the international quality system ISO-9000, having successfully passed the international examination. By this time the model range of the company was made by 23 models of cars of 6 types. Among them: HXK1020 – lungs passenger-and-freight ("pickup"), HXK2022 – high passability, HXK2031 – comfortable SUVs, HXK6600 – buses, HXK6490A, 6490B – minibuses, HXK6490 – universal SUV and SRV.

In 2001 the corporation released new SUVs which received indexes 2021 and 2022. In August, 2002 the mass production of luxury cars of a series 2031 on the technology acquired at Toyota firm was begun. In December, 2002 the board of the company decided to invest 20 million yuans in production of modern cars of the HXK6490 series. The contract on cooperation with the Chinese electromechanical company on collaboration over production of SUVs of a series 2031 was so signed.

Today in the world market proved as the most competitive the Xin Kai SR-V X3 2.2i, Xin Kai SR-V X3 2.8d, Xin Kai Pickup X3 2.2i and Xin Kai SUV X3 2.2i models. All of them were started in a mass production in 2003.

The Xin Kai SR-V X3 car very strongly resembled the Japanese Honda CR-V car superficially. Very interesting story is connected with it. After all the Chinese company copied not only an exterior of the car, but also even its designation, for what Japanese competitors filed a lawsuit against Xin Kai.

The big wheel base, more rounded forms, the massive chromeplated mirrors with blinkers, back and forward optics distinguished from appearance of the Japanese Xin Kai SR-V X3 car.

The Xin Kai SR-V X3 car, unlike Honda CR-V, it was possible to call rather family versatile person, than the full-fledged crossover. He received only the back drive, the 2,2-liter power unit and a four-speed transmission. Also the 2,4-liter petrol engine and the 123 and 157 horsepowers 2,8-liter diesel respectively were available.

In a standard complete set of 105 h.p. obviously wasn't enough for an automatic transmission. The car accelerated smoothly, but quite slowly. The located cross line atmospheric engine quite hardly gained steam. But it was possible to get the car and with a mechanical transmission. The suspension bracket represented depreciation racks in front and screw springs behind, not bad coping with roughnesses of the road. The car received disk brakes in front and drum behind, but ABS in a standard complete set was absent. The declared maximum speed made 160 km/h, and average fuel consumption – about 9 liters on 100 km.

Internal finishing of SR-V turned out quite qualitative. All panels were made of rigid plastic, the salon is decorated by any inserts "under a tree". Also the owner could receive a full electropackage, the radio tape recorder, a rear-view mirror with the electronic display and other options. The luggage compartment of the car could contain freight about a cubic meter. The basis of the car was formed by the old checked design from Toyota. The car turned out qualitative and very available at the price though, of course, I had also the minuses. Among them – insufficiently powerful engine and high noise level in salon.

Xin Kai Pickup X3 2.2i and Xin Kai SUV X3 2.2i - two more representatives of a line of HXK6490. They were supplied with characteristics, similar to Xin Kai SR-V X3, having caused a stir only in appearance and, with great reserve, functionality. Equipped cars with engines of identical volume and power: 105 h.p. 2,2-liter atmospheric line power units. Two types of a check point – automatic and mechanical were available to Xin Kai SUV X3 2.2i. Xin Kai Pickup X3 2.2i remained with mechanics. The drive of both cars is executed back, on both established the hydraulic booster of a steering. Average fuel consumption made 9 l on 100 km of run.

It should be noted that designers of Xin Kai kept the aspiration to make only modern cars. The main knots and units were collected according to licenses of car makers of Japan. They have high quality and reliability. That is why today Hebey Xinkai Auto-mobile Manufacturing Co enterprise. took a place of the leader in growth rates of export among Asian producers of cars. Besides, by this moment export in more than ten countries and regions of the world, including to Mongolia, Panama, Vietnam and even Burma is adjusted.

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