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Yamaha company was founded long before the beginning of World War II and specialized on release of musical instruments. The enterprise was named directly by the founder - Torakusu's Yamaha. The small plant was constructed on the river bank to Temr where there was enough wood for production of high-quality tools.

At the beginning of war the enterprise trained for a new profession on production of propellers for aircraft which were also made of wood. Unlike many other plants Yamaha I didn't suffer from bombings. After war the factory was confiscated and returned to the founder only in 1952. Then the company started production of musical instruments again. At the same time the management, having analysed a situation in economy, made the decision to use the remained details for assembly of motorcycles.

The copy of the German DKW RT125 motorcycle became the first model of the Yamaha company. Let out it in the fall of 1954. And, only some months later, there was an original Yamaha YA1 model. But in a mass production the motorcycle was started much later as only at the beginning of 1955 construction of new shops ended. Then the company received the name Yamaha Motor Corporation.

The first copies of Yamaha YA1 successfully participated in races: in two competitions they won the first places that caused popularity of brand even prior to sales of motorcycles. In 1955 the YC1 model which also took part in races was let out, winning new victories.

In 1956 owing to merger of design department of the Yamaha company with Hamamatsu research institute development of new models began. As an example the Adora MB250 motorcycle was taken. Nevertheless, development was independent. The model of 1957 of YD1 was equipped with the two-cylinder motor which volume made 0,25 liters. On a mass production and the motorcycle went on sale the same year, but practically at once it became obvious that it is underfulfilled. As a result designers quickly found opportunities to improve model. But all party which went on sale was returned for modernization.

In the same 1957 on the basis of the YD1 model version 250S, also with the 0,25-liter engine was developed. At the same time motorcycles acted in races, bringing to developers everything new glory and winning the first places. Later the model was started in a mass production under designation of YDS1. For achievement still of the best indicators designers offered two more versions of a sports car: YD/A and YD/century. The frame became the main difference – instead of standard stamped the tubular design was used. Besides, the YD/A motorcycle equipped with the unit which piston stroke made 54х54 mm, and the YD/B model - 56х50 mm. After success of these cars the company was engaged in their appearance, having given a stylish exterior.

Scooters of the Yamaha company are the BW'S, Cygnus RS, Neo's, Aerox R, TMAX, X-MAX, JogRR and Majesty 400 models. The range of the engines installed on them is various. At assembly motors from 0,05 liter to 0,5 liters were used. Depending on unit power scooters completed with disk or drum brakes, a pendular or lever suspension bracket.

The model range of snowmobiles of production Yamaha is also presented by a variety of models. The RX-1 MTX car received the powerful unit nearly 1 liter, disk brakes with the hydraulic drive. The FX Nytro RTX model equipped with the motor a little more than 1 liter, but similar brake system and shock-absorbers on a back suspension bracket of Dual Shock Pro. Also the model range included the modifications of RS and RX equipped with engines similar to the previous models. The main differences are the suspension brackets and shock-absorbers installed on snowmobiles depending on appointment – sports or tourist.

Yamaha ATVs are divided into two groups: sports and mass use. The first group included YFM series cars with engines from 0,09 to 0,7 liters. The smallest motor was installed on children's option of the ATV. Mass models are presented by the Grizzly series. For equipment of this group of cars engines from 0,125 to 0,7 liters were chosen. ATVs are also equipped various types of drives – both forward, and full.

The hydrocycles Yamaha are presented in a model range of the company by several groups: FX – premium cars, VX – more standard models for rest, FZ – the class "sport luxury", the sports Superjet model.

A series of the hydrocycles VX was equipped with 4-cylinder units from 0,7 to 1,05 liters. These cars equipped with seats for three people, equipped with security system with remote management and a luggage compartment.

Since 1997 Yamaha Motor Company – the largest producer of motorcycle equipment in the world. Today the share of the company in the European market exceeds 30%. And the Yamaha concern is the huge organization dominating in tens various markets practically worldwide at all.

Yamaha 1000 Tr 1 Yamaha 1000 Tr 1
Yamaha 11 Xs Yamaha 11 Xs
Yamaha 125 At2 Yamaha 125 At2
Yamaha 125 Dtmx Yamaha 125 Dtmx
Yamaha 125 Rsdx Yamaha 125 Rsdx
Yamaha 125 Yas 2 Yamaha 125 Yas 2
Yamaha 125 Yas 3 Yamaha 125 Yas 3
Yamaha 175 Ct1 Yamaha 175 Ct1
Yamaha 200 Yamaha 200
Yamaha 225 Dx Banshee Yamaha 225 Dx Banshee
Yamaha 250 Yamaha 250
Yamaha 250 Ds 7 Yamaha 250 Ds 7
Yamaha 350 Yamaha 350
Yamaha 350 R5 Yamaha 350 R5
Yamaha 350 Rdlc Yamaha 350 Rdlc
Yamaha 360 Rt 1 Yamaha 360 Rt 1
Yamaha 400 Yamaha 400
Yamaha 50 Yamaha 50
Yamaha 50 Fs1 Dx Yamaha 50 Fs1 Dx
Yamaha 50 Stepthru Yamaha 50 Stepthru
Yamaha 500 T Max Yamaha 500 T Max
Yamaha 600 Diversion Yamaha 600 Diversion
Yamaha 600 R6 Yamaha 600 R6
Yamaha Aerox Yamaha Aerox
Yamaha Ag 100 Yamaha Ag 100
Yamaha Ag 175 Yamaha Ag 175
Yamaha Badger Yamaha Badger
Yamaha Banshee Yamaha Banshee
Yamaha Banshee 350 Yamaha Banshee 350
Yamaha Banshee Yfz 350 Yamaha Banshee Yfz 350
Yamaha Beartracker 250 Yamaha Beartracker 250
Yamaha Beluga Yamaha Beluga
Yamaha Big Bear Yamaha Big Bear
Yamaha Big Bear 350 Yamaha Big Bear 350
Yamaha Big Bear 4x4 Yamaha Big Bear 4x4
Yamaha Breeze Yamaha Breeze
Yamaha Bruin 350 Yamaha Bruin 350
Yamaha Bt 1100 Bulldog Yamaha Bt 1100 Bulldog
Yamaha Bw Yamaha Bw
Yamaha Catalina 250 Yamaha Catalina 250
Yamaha Crux Yamaha Crux
Yamaha Cs1 Yamaha Cs1
Yamaha Cute Yamaha Cute
Yamaha Cv 80 Beluga Yamaha Cv 80 Beluga
Yamaha Cygnus Yamaha Cygnus
Yamaha Cygnus R Yamaha Cygnus R
Yamaha Cygnus X Yamaha Cygnus X
1 - 50 | 51 - 100 | 101 - 150 | 151 - 200 | 201 - 250 | 251 - 300 | 301 - 350 | 351 - 400 | 401 - 427

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