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The founder of the Carozzeria Zagato company registered on April 19, 1919 was Hugo Zagato living at that time in Milan. Initially it was the small firm which staff included only six people, including Hugo. However together with foundation of the organization also the success came. Only four years were required to the ambitious designer Zagato to move to the new building which created magnificent opportunities for further development of firm and professional improvement.

The design of the unsurpassed Alfa Romeo RLSS car which owner was itself Duch Benito Mussolini became the first serious work for Hugo. However the real success followed later – in 1929. Representatives of the Alfa Romeo company which was actively winning the Italian market of automotive industry offered Zagato mutually beneficial cooperation which young, but already rather skilled designer couldn't refuse. Work on bodies of models 6C 1500, 6C 1750 and 8C 2300 brought to the Carozzeria Zagato company the world popularity as such design decisions Europe, Asia, even America didn't see yet.

However cooperation with "Alfa Romeo" of Hugo Zagato didn't manage. He could improve business relations with representatives of other Italian firms making cars: "Fiat" and "Lancia". But on it the milestone of successful activity of the company ended. Due to the beginning of World War II of Zagato it was necessary to train for a new profession a little, having arranged production of cabins for trucks. And in 1943 all production relics of the company were destroyed.

Hugo Zagato was the person who so simply didn't give up therefore nobody was surprised to that fact that its firm in 1946 revived under the name of "La Zagato". Practically at once reins of government the design bureau specializing on production of bodies for elite Italian cars were tidied up to the hands by the eldest son Hugo – Elio Zagato. Further progress of the company is also connected with his name. Elio created image of "La Zagato", as producer of bodies for sport cars. He should be thanked and for successful cooperation with "Lancia" on the basis of which there were cars under the name of "Zagato".

In the early fifties the Alfa Romeo company supplied Zagato again with the perspective order which consisted in development of a body for the Alfetta 159 model. This car repeatedly won various competitions, including, the royal Grand Prix, in many respects exactly thanks to efforts of staff of the La Zagato company.

The same 50th years were marked by the beginning of work on sports cars of the GT series. So in 1952 the elite Fiat 8VZ model was let out. The elements of sports design developed by Elio and his younger brother Gianni for this car struck a look, and results shown by model in racing conditions did the company founded by legendary Hugo Zagato, even more popular. Cars of the Alfa Romeo brand were the following development which corresponded to the new concept of activity of the company, and development of design for Maserati A6G which was incredibly stylish and aggressive became a new stage. It was the first experience of cooperation of brothers with the company from Modena, but there was it incredibly successful. Joint development about "Ferraris" which deserved the sea of compliments from the public topped this success.

In the early sixties the past century the company was adjoined by Ercole Spada who at the age of 22 years started working in legendary firm, and still some years later developed a new corporate style of the La Zagato company. It possesses the mass of ideas which made production of "Zagato" more attractive in spite of the fact that popularity of firm had already no borders. Spada possesses authorship of design of such models as Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2 (1964), Lamborghini 3500 GTZ (1965), Rover 2000 TCZ (1967), Alfa Romeo Junior Z1300 (1968), Cadillac NART (1970), etc.

Pleasantly surprised the automobile world such models of a car as Zagato Zele which is let out in 1972, and also Zagato Zeta 80 presented in 1975. But the middle of the 70th topped with itself a small decline of creative activity of the company. First of all, it was connected with termination of work over the Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600Z model which was the most popular car of those years created by the Italian auto makers. For working capacity maintenance the firm had to be engaged in implementation of private orders, and also cooperation with the bank organizations for which active development of bodies of armor cars was conducted.

Nevertheless, already soon the company managed to return former glory. Cooperation with Alfa Romeo and Aston Martin firms, and also independent release of a car I didn't prevent partnership with one more "bison" of elite automotive industry – Maserati firm. In 1984 the model range of the company was replenished with a roadster of the special Zagato version under the name Spyder E. This car was in production up to 1989 then the company founded by Hugo Zagato was waited by new progress. Alfa Romeo 75 SZ presented to the same 1989 compartments became that development which paid world attention to the Italian design studio again.

The new milestone of history of the company began in 1994 when it was headed by the grandson Hugo Zagato – Andrea who founded new design bureau "Centro Stile Zagato". It considerably expanded spheres of influence of firm, having a little departed thus from production of cars and having concentrated only on design. Besides, it carried out the serious restructuring concerning distribution of duties between various departments of the company. The middle of the 90th years of the XX century became the real benefit performance of Zagato. Designers of the company under the leadership of Andrea created all new prototypes of old cars, and the head of firm continued its all-round development, independently being engaged in search of clients and agreeing with them about cooperation. Especially successful was a Lamborghini Canto project. The order was taken in 1997, and the car was published in 1999. By then already managed to debut such models as Zagato Raptor, Zagato Zuma and Zagato Iso City which also got monasteries. The Zagato Zuma sporty coupe of a sample of 1998 which it is possible to call a conceptual hybrid of Volkswagen Golf IV and Audi A3 with excellent technical and design characteristics became very successful development.

In the same 1998 the Centro Stile Zagato company began cooperation with the division of "Adtranz" which is a part of the largest corporation "ABB Daimler-Benz Transportation" and engaged in development of public transport. The tram, magnificent from the design point of view which became a logical result of this partnership rides on city streets of many cities already today.

Further activity of the company is carried out within coproduction with other Italian company - "Rivolta Engineering" which is also engaged in design. Already today it is possible to call this cooperation a decisive factor in the history of "Centro Stile Zagato". Positive influence of partnership affected profit of firm, and also the competition in the field of design. Today this magnificent association has no competitors in the Italian market and Europe practically can't impose fight Zagato, Rivolte.

The beginning of the XXI century didn't become crisis for "Centro Stile Zagato". The company continued to bend the line. Release of the Aston Martin DB7 and Aston Martin Vanquish Roadster models in 2002 and 2004 respectively, collaboration with the Lancia company in 2005, development of design for Ferrari 575 GTZ in 2006, and also improbable spurt of a sample of 2007 became the best confirmation to it. As of today on the Geneva automobile show the Diatto Ottovu, Spyker C12 and Maserati GS models were already presented.

The history "Zagato" something reminds history of the princess who married the prince. Almost ideal destiny which isn't overflowed with crises and failures made this company the best design bureau in Europe. And this status isn't going to miss the management of "Zagato".

Zagato Zele Zagato Zele
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