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In economy of Czechoslovakia the Zbrojovka plant as it was called often, played very important role. It was the large enterprise which was providing employment to thousands of people. On Zbrojovka the most skilled and professional engineers and designers worked. Significant assistance in formation and development of this plant was rendered by the Soviet Union, providing it with materials, the equipment and consultants who carried out preparation of local shots. The Zbrojovka plant belonged to large industrial group Skoda.

The first cars based on design development of the Czech engineer Bratislava of Novotna were created in the early twenties. They were issued under the name of Disk. Their main advantage was that they were equipped with the 0,6 liters two-cylinder duple motors and a frictional transmission. Power of Disk cars fluctuated within 12 horsepowers. Subsequently, at plant model Z was developed, and over time it developed and modernized.

In 1926 the Z-4 model equipped with the 1 liter engine and 18 horsepowers was let out. In a couple of years began production of the Z-18 model by small parties - the double open car equipped with the 1 liter line two-stroke 2-cylinder engine with a diameter of cylinder of 80 mm and a piston stroke of 100 mm. Limit power of this model made 32 horsepowers. The car was also equipped with a spar frame with openings which allowed to facilitate it, a suspension bracket on elliptical springs, drum brakes on all wheels, and also a mechanical four-speed transmission. The maximum speed of the Z-18 model made 120 kilometers per hour. Besides, this car was issued and with the 1,1 liters engines.

Also in 1928 there was a Z-6V model (or Z-2) which was positioned as racing. This car was equipped with the 1,1 liters six-cylinder engine with two compressors of production Roots. Engine capacity made 68-75 horsepowers.

Experiments proceeded throughout the long period of time. New modifications of cars were created, shortcomings of former generations were finished. The Z-13 racing car became top of design thought. It was equipped with the 1,5 liters 8-cylinder engine and 60 horsepowers. The maximum speed of this model made 160 km/h.

It would seem, here it, success! But in 1936 because of notorious financial crisis automobile production at Zbrojovka plant was stopped.

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