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A Sports Version Of The Subaru Coupe Will Be Not Fast

A Sports Version Of The Subaru Coupe Will Be Not Fast

After Toyota with TRD and Nissan with the division Nismo, Subaru plans to expand its range of models that are "charged" a division of STI. One of the candidates in getting "warmed up" modification called the Subaru BRZ coupe - but the Japanese are going to do without boosting power.


The concept car Subaru STI Performance based on the BRZ coupe and presented at the March motor show in new York, could evolve into a production car, the main market for the BRZ STI will be the United States.


However, turbocharged boxer engine, which was equipped with concept coupe, the production version will not appear. Even in new York, the representative of the brand stated that 345 HP engine built just for the sake of demonstration units STI. So serial version extreme coupe will have to be content with retuned suspension, exhaust system, powerful brakes and an aerodynamic body kit.

According Automotive News, foreign markets may appear and trained in STI models, which are now sold only in Japan. Among them are named Forester STI and Legacy sedan STI.


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