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Atelier Roush Warmed Up A New Mustang

Atelier Roush Warmed Up A New Mustang

The company Roush, famous for its tuning project based on the Ford Mustang, has announced a new model, built on the latest generation of the legendary muscle car. Official debut will take place next year, but now know what to expect.


The revision raised the looks of the Mustang, and its technical component. The car received a set of exclusive body kit that includes front and rear bumpers and a new grille and hood with additional air intakes. As an option, Roush will offer another model of the engine, with one wide bucket-intake center, and it is not a decorative overlay, but quite functional element that provides additional airflow to the motor.


In the back of the car, in addition to modified bumpers, a new spoiler and modified nozzle muffler. The company says that all the visual changes were made for a reason: they improve the aerodynamics of the car. Add an image of the 20-inch wheels Roush.

As for the improvement of technical characteristics, there Roush promises plenty of options, although specific locations and numbers are not yet reported. It is known that for the version with the V6 motor prepared a package of improvements under the name RS, 2.3-liter turbo-unit - RS1, and the most powerful 5-litre V8 - RS2. For the latter will be more accessible and extreme version of the RS3, which implies the installation of the compressor.

Do not forget about other components: the customer can order shestipolosnaya Brembo brakes instead of the regular, and choose one of the two proposed sets of sports suspension with adjustable shock absorbers.


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