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Chevrolet Introduced The Texas Tahoe

Chevrolet Introduced The Texas Tahoe

Chevrolet decided to treat us buyers special performances new SUV Tahoe and Suburban. The new special model Texas - a sort of curtsy in the direction of the state cowboys in wide-brimmed hats, although changes in the machine itself is minimal.


Perhaps the main outer element of the new version, tickling the vanity of the owner - this is a big "star" label Texas-style "feel a little Sheriff. On this background, we offer top of the line picking LTZ new 22-inch wheels, a trifle. But included in the equipment of a special hitch and more traction to the main pair of axle - piece for Shatov always useful and relevant, there SUV is often a synonym for the word "tractor".


The more modest picking LT wheels are already modest, a mere 20 inches, but the equipment "Texas" version is already part of the navigation system. The engine is just one: and Tahoe, and Suburban equipped with a 5.3-liter upgraded V8 engine with 355 HP Supplement version of Texas in the USA will be $2 195 for picking LT and $1 095 on the performance of LTZ. Recall, all-wheel drive Chevrolet Tahoe LT is in the US $54 000, trim LTZ - $63 000.


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