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Honda Will Begin Taking Orders For Civic Type R 2015

Honda Will Begin Taking Orders For Civic Type R 2015

The company Honda, already pretty has promised fans on the subject of the new "charged" Civic Type R, has announced plans to begin taking orders for the new product. However, while orders are only accepted in the UK.

It is noteworthy that the serial Civic Type R is not so far! This year the company brought in Paris just another prototype under the name Civic Type R Concept, which, according to Honda, as close as possible to the long-awaited serial "hot" Civic, which promised in 2015. In this case, what Honda do know is the amount they want for the pre-order model: in the UK it will be will be 3,000 pounds or about 3 780 euros.


It is known that the hatchback will get a turbocharged gasoline engine displacement of 2 liters of Earth Dreams family, developing 280 horsepower and is able to spin up to 7 000 rpm In a pair of them will work 6-speed manual gearbox. Hatchback retains the actuator on the front axle, but Honda claim that has developed some unique solutions for the front suspension to avoid power taxiings. It is possible that the sample was RevoKnuckle suspension, first used on the Ford Focus RS.

In addition, for the first time on the Honda Civic Type R button +R button placed on the steering wheel, will have to sharpen the character of the car, making it more responsive and sharp. Mode +R changes the settings for steering and adaptive shock absorbers and, according to the manufacturer and is designed for use on race tracks during track days. In standard mode Civic Type R will remain albeit quick and manageable, but optimal for a city car.



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