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Lexus Lf C2 Concept

Lexus Lf C2 Concept

Lexus has shown at the motor show in Los Angeles next concept car, this time with an open top. Serial perspectives of the concept LF-C2 is not directly stated, but, according to some, his appearance heralds the release of the open version of the Lexus RC.


Unlike traditional cabriolet concept Lexus LF-C2 with the landing formula 2+2 is completely devoid of any top - design prototype neither tissue nor hard folding roof is just not provided. Representatives Lexus stated that only such an arrangement is capable of providing passengers with an open sports car is the most striking of the driving experience. However, for example, the publication Autocar believes that Lexus didn't have time to design a folding roof, and it is possible to expect at the next exhibition of the new version of the concept, already traditional layout.


In the Lexus, moreover, did not disclose any detail about the volume of the trunk of a convertible, nor of its power plant. Under some assumptions, LF-C2 can be equipped with five-liter V8 from the coupe the Lexus RC F, which develops 450 HP According to another version, the concept has received a hybrid power 230 HP from sedan Lexus IS.

It is assumed that a production version of the concept, which could take the position open modification coupe Lexus RC will receive the same engine range, including a 3.5-liter V6, which develops 317 horsepower. However, official confirmation from Lexus has not followed yet.


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