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Little Opel Karl Will Receive An Attractive Price

Little Opel Karl Will Receive An Attractive Price

The company Opel has shared some details about the process of bringing to market its newest and most compact models. Five-door hatchback Opel Karl, named in honor of the son of the founder of the brand, will appear at European dealers in the summer of next year at a starting price of less than EUR 10 000.


Opel Karl turned out to be really very compact, its length is just 3,68 m However, the manufacturer claims that in the cabin hatch will house up to five people. According to representatives of Opel. Hatchback Karl, despite the size and playful appearance, is an adult and independent car.


To equip the new product is assumed by only one motor, but is designed specifically for "Karl": three-cylinder engine with a volume of 1 liter, developing 75 HP To couple to the engine will offer no alternative 5-step "mechanics". How this hatchback will be dynamic, Opel is not yet clarified.


But quite a lot of talk about the rich set of basic and optional equipment. "Karl" will be available some modern driving assistants, including assistant at startup on the rise and tracking system for marking, Parking sensors, cruise control, power steering with a lightweight mode City, fog lights with the function of lighting turns, heated steering wheel and front seats, and sunroof. In addition, the list of equipment includes wheels dimensions from R14 to R16 and corporate multimedia system, which is able to find a common language with smartphones on different platforms.


The public debut of the Opel Karl scheduled for the spring exhibition in Geneva. A few months after her hatchback will go on sale in the European market, where it will become a competitor to the VW up! and Hyundai i10. The possibility of "Karl" in Russia is now being discussed in the company's management.


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