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Mercedes Amg Gt

Mercedes Amg Gt

Mercedes-AMG GT, the second model from the German automaker, fully developed by the AMG division, estimated at 6 800 000. We are talking about more powerful versions of S, and the price on the initial performance of the manufacturer will announce later. Dealers will begin taking orders for the new refreshed sports car range-1 December.


For the money the buyer will receive a 4-liter V8 with twin turbochargers, outstanding in the modification of S 510 HP (in the initial version of GT capacity reaches 462 HP). According to the manufacturer, this is the first power unit in the segment of sports cars, in which the turbocharger is placed inside the collapse of the cylinder (so-called hot V-shaped collapse). Coupled to the engine with no alternative seven-speed robotized gearbox placed in the rear part.


Acceleration to 100 km/h in S takes 3.8 seconds. For comparison, the Porsche 911 Turbo, which AMG GT's will to compete, spends the same exercise for 0.4 seconds less.

However, the 911 Turbo is significantly more beginner. However, it is very likely that in the near future Mercedes will reduce the lag for this indicator: in the first year after the start of sales of Mercedes-AMG GT's will be on the market in special design Edition 1, wherein some of the nuances of the design of the exterior and interior. The label Edition adds 1 to the base cost of about 15 000 euros. In addition, for a luxury available a number of optional packages that allows you to vary the appearance of the body and interior. They are from 952 to 4 700 euros.


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