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Mercedes Showed An Electro Hydrogen Crossover

Mercedes Showed An Electro Hydrogen Crossover

Chinese design Studio Mercedes-Benz in Beijing presented his vision of a compact crossover of this brand. The concept of the Mercedes-Benz G-Code is a prototype urban crossover for wealthy Asian youth.


Mercedes-Benz G-Code named by its creators representative of a new class of crossovers - all terrain utilitarian coupe, or SUC - Sport Utility Coupe. Quadruple concept with a length of 4.1 m, width of 1.9 m and a height of 1.5 m turned out to be noticeably smaller than the most compact serial crossover German brand Mercedes-Benz GLA. It is noted that the concept has pronounced all terrain abilities due to the short overhangs and an impressive ground clearance.

The concept implemented in the original visual solution - instead of the traditional grille applied to the display, which is able to flash in different colors and signal thereby about the different operating modes of the hybrid power plant. Incidentally, according to the creators, this decision demonstrates the high-technology G-Code. For cooling of the engine at this meet special blinds on the sides of the display and in the lower part of the front bumper. The concept was deprived of the usual side mirrors - perform their functions of your camcorder. In the rear of a crossover capable of playing the role of solar pajarera on-Board batteries. In addition, electricity crossover can supply wind power and work of the damping of the suspension elements.


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