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One Of The Fastest Cars In The World Will Be Even Faster

One Of The Fastest Cars In The World Will Be Even Faster

One of the iconic British supercar it's time to thoroughly updated. Mid-engined coupe Ultima GTR, author of many world speed records, will soon be replaced by a new supercar with a meaningful name Ultima Evolution. And, according to rumors, the proud name he will not disgrace.


One of the officially registered records Ultima GTR was the least at that time) set time to 100 km/h among production road cars - 2,6 S. New sports car from Ultima Sports promises to be even more dynamic. The most extreme version of Ultima Evolution manufacturer is going to provide a 6.8-liter engine from Chevrolet, developing 1 020 HP and 1 246 Nm of torque.


Given that weighing supercar will only 950 kg, its dynamics must be truly monstrous. The manufacturer plans that in the exercise "disperse hundreds" he will be able to improve the result to 2.3 s, and 100 mph (161 km/h) supercar will gain less than 5 seconds. Top speed Ultima Evolution should be 386 km/h.


However, in Ultima Sports have taken care of those who only wants to know extreme. For them there will be multiple versions with de uprated motor: the weakest Ultima Evolution would have "only" 350 horses. Regardless of the capacity of the power unit, the car will give a fully adjustable suspension, led optics, air conditioning, multimedia system, rear view camera, and the like. It is expected and modification in the body "convertible".

Prices for the supercar manufacturer has not yet announced. Most likely, given the stated range of additional equipment, they will be rather big, although one of the main advantages terrifyingly fast, but ascetic Ultima GTR was quite reasonable price. The manufacturer even supplied a luxury car in the form of a box with spare parts for fans of independent garage of the Assembly.


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