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Rolls Royce Has Revealed The Prototype Of Its First Suv

Rolls Royce Has Revealed The Prototype Of Its First Suv

As a rule, the emergence of a global Network of test images prototypes - merit of the photo spies, but the first photo of the future SUV Rolls-Royce have an official origin. However, the prototype at them suspiciously reminds sedan Rolls-Royce Phantom.


The manufacturer has officially stated that the appearance of these photos is the result of a previous commitment to inform the public on the implementation of the project Cullinan". Under this name it is known, the first SUV in the history of the brand. Announced the imminent appearance of the prototype on the roads of the UK - apparently to rid the team of testers from too much attention from the photo spies.


The prototype is a classic "mule": a familiar back of a Rolls-Royce Phantom some hidden units and units of the new car. The manufacturer specifies that in this case we are talking about the newly designed suspension and all-wheel drive system, for initial testing which was built as a prototype. First of all, the design of the suspension will be checked on regular roads with different types of coverage. However, in the Rolls-Royce said that already prepared and the test program for off road. According to the designers, the main purpose of their work is the provision of appropriate comfort when driving over very rough terrain.

Earlier it was reported that Rolls-Royce will build its first SUV on its own platform and will not borrow technological solutions at the BMW. The appearance of new items on the market in 2018, while the main rival Bentley Bentayga is already assigned, also are in the process of development.


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