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Seat Has Revealed The New Generation Of Its Most Capacious Minivan

Seat Has Revealed The New Generation Of Its Most Capacious Minivan

After its debut at the Geneva motor show the new Volkswagen Sharan, the emergence of the next generation Seat Alhambra was only a matter of time - and it came. In the design of the Spaniards at a cost of only a slight retouching, equipping the van with more modern engines and new options.


As in the case of brother Volkswagen Sharan, Seat company cost pass restyling - in fact before us is the same machine, which was introduced in 2010. Alhambra new model year received a new led optics, a modified grille Yes wheels with a different design. The interior of the new items ordered a steering wheel from Seat Leon hatchback, new colors, finishes, and also refreshed some design elements of the center console.


Company representatives claim Seat, under the hood Alhamra settled a new range of power units that are more powerful, more economical and cleaner - all engines now meet the Euro 6. In fact, it is the same diesel and petrol engines from the VW Group reserves subjected to thorough revision and re-adjustment. Gamma units on heavy fuel consists of a 2-liter TDI turbodiesel in different versions - with a capacity of 115, 150 and 184 HP. The weakest of them is laid out in the flow rate of 4.9 l/100 km.


The choice is unclaimed in Europe gasoline engines in Alhambra scarce - two-liter "four" power of 150 HP and a top unit with 220 HP In a couple to any of the powertrains Alhambra, you can still pick up either the mechanics or "robot" DSG. 4Drive all-wheel drive version is only available in combination with the "middle" 150-horsepower diesel engine.


With the current restyling Alhambra will get a new entertainment system Seat Easy Connect, which is sensitive touchscreen display with good resolution and fast processor. The standard equipment is a family minivan already has a system to prevent repeated collisions, and for a fee can be equipped with the blind spot monitoring, adaptive suspension DCC and even seats with massage.

Orders for the novelty will start to take at the end of may, and "live" cars will reach dealerships and buyers this summer.


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