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The Family Porsche 911 Has Added Spurred Version

The Family Porsche 911 Has Added Spurred Version

Porsche has declassified "charged" modification of the sports car Porsche 911, which received a traditional designation GTS. The novelty is equipped with a more powerful engine and is available in coupe and convertible, as well as with rear or all-wheel drive.


In fact, Porsche 911 GTS became the most powerful civil modification "nine hundred and eleven." the 3.8-liter engine, which is also available on the version of the 911's, boosted from 400 to 430 horsepower. More powerful is, perhaps, the only version of the 911 GT3 with a 475-horsepower engine, but Porsche is believed that this performance is mainly for track days.


Porsche 911 Carrera GTS will receive a 7-speed manual transmission or 7-band "robot" PDK. In the list of standard equipment will include suspension with adaptive dampers and lowered by 10 mm clearance. Plus Sport Chrono package, for which the holders of the cheaper versions have to pay extra. The package provided for the replacement of individual components at a more advanced (installation of active pillars of the engine), and reconfiguration of a number of systems (engine, transmission, suspension and brakes, an additional, the most aggressive mode), and not affecting the speed of the little things like a stopwatch on the front panel.


Coupe with the "robot accelerates to 100 km/h in 4 seconds, the cabriolet spends the same at 0.2 with more, but, according to Porsche, the fastest was the version in coupe, manual transmission maximum speed is 306 km/h, while the "robot" PDK lowers the maximum speed at 2 km/H.

External differences Porsche 911 GTS are extended wheel arches, exclusive 20-inch wheels, tinted head optics and chrome ends of the exhaust system. In the cabin appears sports leather seats and trim Alcantara almost all available surfaces, including the ceiling.


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