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Volkswagen Will Show In Deytroyt The Prototype Of The New Crossover

Volkswagen Will Show In Deytroyt The Prototype Of The New Crossover

At the January auto show in Detroit, Volkswagen will introduce a new concept crossover. It is expected that the prototype will be a hint of a new seven-seat SUV German company and will continue to develop the theme of the CrossBlue concept, which was shown in 2013.


Insiders told Reuters that the exhibition will be shown five prototype and serial production of the new seven-seat crossover will begin on the American Volkswagen plant in the period of 2016-2017 years.


Variations on a theme of the future of crossover Volkswagen began to show in 2013. First in January in Detroit showed a 7 seater prototype CrossBlue, and later in Shanghai was presented a 5-seat CrossBlue concept Coupe.


What motors will receive a serial crossover, it is not clear, but it is expected that the engine will be including four-cylinder diesel engines. As to the concept

CrossBlue, it was built on a modular platform MQB and got a diesel-electric powerplant. It consists of a 190-horsepower diesel engine and two electric motors, one of which helps the engine to rotate the front axle, and the other is responsible for the rear wheels.


The total capacity of the power plant exceeds 300 HP and 700 Nm of torque, while fuel consumption is claimed by the manufacturer is only 2.1 liters per 100 km. On one electric CrossBlue can travel up to 33 km Interestingly, the prototype has two fuel hatch for one hidden tube of the fuel tank, after another outlet for recharging the battery from a household electrical outlet.


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